Fonterra suspend operations in Sri lanka.

Friday, 23 August 2013 - 13:06



New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra Co-operative said it had temporarily suspended operations in Sri Lanka after the worlds largest dairy exporter faced product bans, court cases and demonstrations over its milk products in the country.


Sri Lankas food safety authorities have said they found high levels of the agricultural chemical DCD in two batches of milk powder it tested, an accusation that Fonterra has disputed.


This week Fonterra was banned by courts from selling products.


In a statement Fonterra said It is a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of 755 people working in Sri lanka.


Meanwhile a special unit has been established as of now in the Ministry of Health to coordinate inquiries regarding imported milk powder.


Hence the ministry of health states that if the staff that is engaging in these activities faces any issue, they can obtain advice from this unit.


The cabinet sub-committee appointed to inquire into imported milk powder also convened at the ministry of health yesterday.


A decision was made at the meeting to initiate a project to encourage the usage of liquid milk in hospitals as a way to promote the consumption of local milk manufacture.


The cabinet sub committee has issued instructions for the first unit of this to be established at the Kandy General Hospital.