A mother and son in hospital after being assaulted by Thihagoda PS Chairman Chairman also in hospital

Sunday, 25 August 2013 - 12:38


2 persons were injured in the Komangoda area in Thihagoda following an assault by Chairman of the Thihagoda Pradeshiya Sabha Nirmal Samarasinghe.

The wife of the person injured stated that a group comprising the Chairman of the PS had carried out the assault and 30 year old Sisira Sampath and his Mother have been hospitalized.

The wife of the injured individual, Lasanthi Premarathna stated that the assault was carried out due to a financial issue.


Speaking further she also had this to say.


When we inquired regarding this from the Thihagoda Police a spokesperson stated that 2 complaints had been received, one from the victim and the other from the Chairman of the Thihagoda Pradeshiya Sabha.

Accordingly a special investigation has been launched in to the incident.