Navi Pillai in discussion with Eastern Government officers

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 - 12:57


The UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay who is currently on a 7 day official tour of Sri Lanka is visiting the Trincomalee region today.

Her first stop this morning in her visit was the Trincomalee District Secretariat.

Our correspondent reported that another protest organized by the Missing Person’s Parents Collective Association is being held at the moment of her visit alleging that their children were abducted by the LTTE.

However, media personnel were not allowed to cover the discussions between the officials and the high commissioner at the District Secretariat.

Navi Pillay visited several areas in the Northern Province yesterday.

After meeting the Governor of the Northern Province, she visited the Jaffna Public Library and subsequently she visited the regions near the Nandikadal lagoon as well.

During discussions held at the Jaffna Public Library the commissioner stated that she is in Sri Lanka only to inquire regarding the human rights of Sri Lanka.

However, she also accepted the development that is taking place in the North.

When Navi Pillay arrived at the office of the governor of the Northern Province the Missing Person’s Parents Collective Association was engaging in a protest in front of the governor’s office alleging that their relatives were abducted by the LTTE.

Another protest was held at the time she arrived at the Jaffna Public Library as well and a TNA candidate who is contesting for the Northern Provincial Council also took part in that protest.