Court order decrees license needed to carry out religious animal sacrifices

Thursday, 29 August 2013 - 13:14


The Appeals Court issued an order today decreeing that it is compulsory to obtain an animal slaughter license in order to carry out animal sacrifices at places of religious worship.


The verdict issued by the 3 member panel of judges stated that if no such license is obtained the police has the complete authority and right to halt such animal sacrifices.


The Appeals Court issued this verdict after considering petitions presented by 13 organizations against animal cruelty and abuse including the National Sangha Federation with regard to the annual animal sacrifice carried out at the Chilaw Munneshwaram Kovil.


Accordingly the 3 member panel of judges also issued an order for the annual animal sacrifice carried out at the Munneshwaram Sri Badrakali Kovil to be stopped this time after considering the request made by the petitions.


The Appeals Court also stated that that such animal sacrifices are against the animal cruelty act and that animals can only be slaughtered for the purpose of selling meat and that a license is needed for that.