Public opinion is that the UN is negative - President tells Navi Pillay

Saturday, 31 August 2013 - 8:17


UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay has expressed her approval of the victories obtained by Sri Lanka since the conclusion of hostilities during her discussion with President Mahinda Rajapakse held yesterday afternoon at Temple Trees.


The Commissioner stated that she had witnessed the investment made with regard to rehabilitation and resettlement.


Upon inquiry by the president whether she was given facilities to travel to places of her choice freely the UN Human Rights Commissioner stated that she had the freedom to meet with the people of the North.


She also mentioned that she admires President Rajapakse’s vision regarding rehabilitation and redevelopment.


Speaking further the Commissioner also highlighted the importance of physical development and the development of friendship and reconciliation amongst various groups of people and the formulation of laws in that effect.


Navi Pillay also expressed her satisfaction at the appointing of a commission to look into those who have disappeared.


She also drew attention to the fact that inquiries need to be carried out regarding attacks on places of worship of the minority races.


In response President Rajapakse stated that they were isolated incidents and not part of a large planned movement.


The President also stated that the public has an opinion that the United Nations is a negative institution and that the public believes that Navi Pillay’s report will be one with prejudice.


Elaborating further President Rajapakse stated that although the cabinet is comprised of groups with various opinions, he believes that he has the ability to guide all of them to a common goal.


Today is the final day of the 7 day official tour of the UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay and a press conference will be held today where the Commissioner will express her views regarding her visit to Sri Lanka.