I will assist in an internal investigation - Navi Pillay states during press briefing

Saturday, 31 August 2013 - 13:26



UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay held a press conference at the Colombo UN office following the conclusion of her 7 day official tour where she summarized her visit to Sri Lanka in the presence of both local and foreign journalists.


Speaking during the press conference she stated that Sri Lanka will receive the support of the UN Human Rights Commission to conduct an internal investigation into the alleged crimes committed during the civil war.


Analysts state that this statement made by the commissioner holds special significance in the face of requests by certain parties including the TNA for an international inquiry.


Our correspondent on scene reported that Navi Pillay identified the LTTE as a terrorist organization responsible for heinous attacks.


The press conference is currently on going.


Meanwhile, similar to previous days another public epistle was presented to the Colombo UN office today.


The Sihala Ravaya organization which handed the epistle to the UN office in Colombo requested the UN Human Rights Commissioner to provide an unbiased report following her visit.