Missing businessmen in Kurunagala found in Anuradapura; Police suspect an act of abduction

Thursday, 05 September 2013 - 19:17


Police suspect an act of abduction in the disappearance drama of businessman Sarath Rathnayake who went missing yesterday and returned this morning.


Sarath Rathnayake who is also the Basnayake Nilame of the Kataragama Devalaya is the businessman who offered a ‘Hummer’ motor vehicle to North Western Provincial Council UPFA candidate Dayasiri Jayasekera.


Later, reports were published that Rathnayake simultaneously supported another North Western Provincial Council UPFA candidate Johan Fernando.


Rathnayake’s wife and a friend complained to the Wariyapola and Hettipola police stations yesterday that the businessman had gone missing while he was returning home after participating in an election rally held at Demataluwa Ancient Temple at Dikwahara in Wariyapola.


Police Media Spokesman SP Buddhika Siriwardana said that Rathnayake who abandoned by the road in Anuradhapura in the wee hours of today has managed later to get admitted to Anuradhapura hospital.


However UPFA Candidate Dayasiri Jayasekera issued a press release regarding the incident and also enlightened the President as well as the Defense Secretary over the developments.




Meanwhile a hospital spokesman said that businessman Rathnayake is out of danger.


Rathnayake told our news team that a gang who traveled in a jeep kidnapped him his way home towards Hettipola yesterday night.


He said that the abductors’ fuel ran dry on the way and later they demanded him 50 million rupees to release him.


After he told them that he failed to pay such a big money at that time, the abductors reduced the extortion to 10 million rupees.


He said that he was abandoned by the road side at Ramakele on the Anuradhapura road this morning.


Sarath Rathnayake further explained his overnight ordeal to our news team.