An organized group hurled stones at security forces at Weliweriya - Magistrate inquiry told

Friday, 06 September 2013 - 18:54


Weliweriya Police OIC IP S.K. Upali told the Court today that an organized group covering in the protesters hurled stones and other objects at security forces during the Weliweriya incident.


The inquiry in connection with the death of 3 persons in the Weliweriya incident was taken again before Gampaha Chief Magistrate Tikiri  Jayatilaka today.


IP Upali said that he was on duty from the beginning to the end of the Weliweriya episode on August 1.


He said an Army Brigadier called Deshapriya visited the trouble spot at Weliweriya and informed a decision that was taken in a meeting presided by Defence Secretary.


He stood on a chair and used a microphone to announce that it was decided to close down the controversial factory.


Later he ordered the protesters to disperse within a half an hour.


Instantaneously, a hooting was heard and stones and various objects were hurled from the side of the protesters.


The IP further said that he fell on the ground by one of the hurled stones.


At this moment the Magistrate inquired as to why the assistance of intelligence officers was not obtained during such an incident.


The magistrate also inquired as to whether the army personnel were in their uniform or were wearing black clothing.


The police OIC had stated that two intelligence officials were deployed and that the army personnel were dressed in their uniforms.


Although the priest and the nun of the Weliweriya St. Anthony’s Church were summoned to give their testimonies they were not present at Court today.


Attorney At Law Upul Deshapriya representing the Sri Lanka Bar Association stated that people including them are reluctant to give evidence due to intimidation.


The magistrate subsequently stated that the Court has the authority to call for evidence and that the Court could also summon witnesses.


Speaking further the magistrate stated that since this is a special case magistrate inquiries cannot be carried out beyond the legal framework.


Attorney at Law Upul Deshapriya stated that only 2 to 3 percent of the actual information has been reported to court.


The case will be taken up for hearing again on the 17th of this month.