Sinhala - Tamil clash is like the clash between husband and wife - TNA CM candidate.

Friday, 13 September 2013 - 8:07


TNA Chief Minister post candidate C. V. Wigneshwaran charged that the Tamil Nadu politicians exploit Sri Lankan Tamil people’s problems for their advantage.


Participating at discussion held with India’s The Hindu newspaper the TNA Chief Minister post Hopeful said that their unnecessary intervention had a detrimental effect.


Wigneshwaran identifies this as three persons playing a game of tennis that should be played only by a pair.


TNA Chief Minister post candidate who identified the brawl between Sri Lanka’s Sinhala and Tamil communities as a brawl between a husband and his wife said further that it was unfair that the neighbour recommended divorce as the solution.  


It is normal that clashes take place within a family.


However Tamil Nadu proposes separation as a solution.


Wigneshwaran pointed out that because of this a just doubt arises among the Sinhala people that Tamil people in the North might join Tamil Nadu and build a separate State.