An assurance at the British parliament for Colombo Commonwealth Summit.

Friday, 13 September 2013 - 8:09



Discussions for and against have taken place in the British Parliament as well with regard to the Commonwealth Summit due to be held in Sri Lanka.


That was during a debate held with regard to human rights in Commonwealth countries.


During the debate although some MPs requested the British Prime Minister to refrain from coming to Sri Lanka several other MPs expressed views contradictory to it.


Expressing her views on this occasion Labour Party MP Saaraa Champion said that Britain should not participate in the Commonwealth Summit held in Sri Lanka.




But British Democratic Liberal Party MP Andrew Percy said that the true state with regard to Sri Lanka could be understood by participating in the Summit.




However British Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs State Minister Hugo Svoyar said that the British Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary as well as himself had already finalized deciding to participate in the Commonwealth Summit.


On this occasion it had also been stated that Prince Charles too would be participating in the Summit representing the Queen.