100 kilograms of TNT found in a lorry seized before 17 years in Kotahena.

Friday, 13 September 2013 - 13:24



More than 100 kilograms of the explosive TNT was discovered in a lorry that was parked behind the Kotahena police station, following its confiscation in connection with a LTTE terrorist activity.


75 kilograms of high explosives and 6 bombs were discovered inside the lorry which was confiscated after it was found parked in the Kotahena Sama Vihara in 1996.


A senior police officer of the Kotahena police stated that subsequent to is seizure the lorry was parked in the grounds of the Prince College which is situated behind the police station.


The newly found explosives were discovered hidden within the chassis of the lorry after a backhoe tried to remove the vehicle which had been rusting for 17 years.


Speaking further the senior police officer stated that the explosives were defused by the bomb disposal unit of the Police Special Task Force.