All election candidates who do not declare assets to be sued

Friday, 13 September 2013 - 13:22


Another discussion between the elections commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya and the secretaries of political parties contesting for the upcoming election is scheduled to take place this afternoon.


Speaking to representatives of media institutions at the election secretariat in Rajagiriya, the elections commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya stated that cases will be filed against those candidates who have not declared their assets.


He also stated that he will notify the party secretaries regarding this today.


Elaborating further the elections commissioner stated that although a majority of the candidates of political parties have declared their assets, the candidates of independent groups have not declared their assets.




The elections commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya also stated that a continuous operation will be initiated to remove illegal propaganda activities from day after tomorrow and that this operation will be in effect till the day before the election.




Meanwhile, UNP parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella, who took part in the “Balaya” political talk show telecast on Hiru TV last night, stated that the public of the Central Province will give an unforgettable message to the government during this election.


The following is the conversation that took place between MP Kiriella and former Chief Minister of the Central Province Sarath Ekanayaka subsequent to MP Kiriella’s statement.