116 arrested with regard to election law violence

Saturday, 14 September 2013 - 7:51


The number of people arrested with regard to election violence has risen to 116.


The police media unit stated that the police have received 136 complaints with regard to election law violations and that more police officers will be deployed to the regions where a high number of complaints are recorded.


Meanwhile, the Complaint Investigation Unit of the department of elections states that the overall number of complaints regarding violation of election laws has risen to 404.


The most number of complaints of 108 has originated from the Kurunegala district and 68 complaints have been recorded from the Kandy district.


Meanwhile, the election secretariat stated that the foreign observers summoned to monitor the election were scheduled to arrive in the island yesterday and today.


The observers representing the South Asian Election Management Association Collective and the Commonwealth Secretary General’s officer are scheduled to arrive in the island to observe the upcoming election.