Why did Prabhakaran murder Rajiv Gandhi? reveals KP

Saturday, 14 September 2013 - 19:15



Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP states that the decision to murder former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was taken by LTTE leader Velupillay Prabhakaran.


KP who was arrested in September of 2009 and rehabilitated functioned as the financial head of the LTTE during its heyday.


Greg Sheridan, the editor of the Australian newspaper who toured Sri Lanka recently conducted an interview with KP.


According to the interview published in the Australian, Prabhakaran took the decision to murder Rajiv Gandhi following Gadhi’s decision to send peace keeping forces to Sri Lanka.


Prabhakaran who had thought the Indian forces were in Sri Lanka to murder him had decided to preempt and murder Gadhi.


During the interview KP had also revealed how the LTTE began using suicide bombers which the terrorist organization used to devastating effect and KP had stated that it was a concept of Prabhakaran himself.


Prabhakaran himself had presented the idea during discussions between the leadership of the LTTE during the 1980s and it is stated that discussions regard the Kamikaze Bombers of the 2nd world war also took place.


KP also stated that certain individuals engaging in self immolation in Tamil Nadu as a form of protest also fuelled the concept of suicide bombers.


However, KP stated that ultimately it was Prabhakaran who presented the concept of the suicide bomber.