Kalaniya University students on a march demanding for safety.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013 - 13:08


The Kelaniya University Students Federation is marching towards the University Grant Commission on 5 demands including safety for the Federation members.


Traffic towards Colombo on the Kandy road was disrupted as the students march reached Peliyagoda at 9.30 this morning.


Kelaniya University Students Federation President Keerthi Gunarathna during the march expressed his views to our news team.




4 unidentified persons forcefully entered the Kannangara Hostel of the Kelaniya University in the wee hours of the 14th of this month.


Later they had assaulted 2 security guards and damaged 14 motor bicycles belonging to some students before they fled the premises.

Pix by - sanka vidanagama