Gold FM Sri Lanka s Number 1 English radio channel for more than a decade celebrates its 15th Anniversary today.

Thursday, 19 September 2013 - 8:03


Gold FM, Sri Lanka’s Number 1 English radio channel for more than a decade celebrates its 15th Anniversary today.


Commencing operations on the 19th of September in 1998 GOLD FM has steadily moved ahead of the rest to captivate the listeners in Sri Lanka and become an indispensable part of their day to day lives by providing high quality music to its dedicated listener-ship for more than a decade.


GOLD FM which is a part of the ABC media Network under the guidance of its Chairman Mr. Rayynor Silva has moved to the forefront of radio in Sri Lanka to become the number 1 English radio channel in the island today.


Over the years GOLD FM has moved from strength to strength and become a force to reckon with on the air waves of Sri Lanka in terms of quality radio entertainment and information.


Through the years GOLD FM has been able to captivate audiences from all walks of life and varied age groups by providing spectacular hits from yesteryear, as well as up to date information regarding the latest news and current affairs not only from Sri Lanka but from around the world as and when it happens.


The popularity of GOLD FM through all age groups has been proven time and time again with the participation of both the old and the young at all the spectacular events that have been organised by GOLD FM over the years.


GOLD FM has not only entertained listeners throughout Sri Lanka, but has also set the precedent to follow in quality radio entertainment for radio stations in Sri Lanka with many trying to copy but falling behind, after failing to achieve this task.


This impressive task of reaching the forefront of radio entertainment in Sri Lanka was achieved thanks to the dedication of our listeners who have stayed true to GOLD FM as well as the distinguished and dedicated staff that have served at GOLD FM during the past 15 years.


We at GOLD however would like to thank our dedicated listeners for all the support and encouragement that we have received from you over the years, as this journey and achievement of ours would not have been possible if not for our ardent listeners.