TNA records crushing win in the North by securing 28 out of the 36 seats in the North - UPFA gets 7 seats while Muslim Congress wins 1

Sunday, 22 September 2013 - 8:46


Most of the results of the Provincial council elections held for the Northern, North Western and Central Provinces have been released by now.


Postal voting results of all the districts have been released by now.


Results of all the districts in the North have been released by now and the Tamil National Alliance has recorded a crushing victory in Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mannar, Vavunia and Mullaitivu districts.


Accordingly it has obtained 28 out of the 36 seats in the Northern Provincial Council with UPFA obtaining 7 seats and Muslim Congress obtained 1 seat.


This was the first time a provincial council election was held in the Northern Province since the introduction of provincial council system through the 1987 Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement.


The only election that was held was as a joint election for the North and East in 1988 where the EPRLF emerged victorious.


After the defeat of the LTTE in 2009 the TNA contested the General Elections in 2010.


The TNA won the Jaffna district in 2010 by obtaining 65 thousand 119 votes in 2010 while this time around it has obtained 213 thousand 907 votes.


The UPFA which obtained 47 thousand 622 votes in 2010 obtained only 35 thousand 995 votes while the UNP which obtained 12 thousand 624 votes in 2010 obtained only 855 votes from Jaffna this time.


Kaits electorate in Jaffna which was considered as a fortress of the EPDP being won by the TNA this time around is a speciality.


All the electorates in the Jaffna district were won by the TNA.

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