UPFA wins North Western and Central, TNA wins North - Democratic Party becomes the 3rd Force

Sunday, 22 September 2013 - 11:04


The UPFA won the North Western and Central Provinces while the TNA won the Northern Provincial Council election.


The North Western PC was won by the UPFA which obtained 705 thousand 188 votes, thus securing 34 seats.


The UNP came in 2nd with 12 seats while the Democratic Party led by Sarath Fonseka came in 3rd with 3 seats.


The SLMC won 2 seats while JVP secured its only seat in all 3 provinces from the North Western province.


The UPFA won the Kurunegala District by obtaining 540 thousand 513 votes amounting to 69.05% and accordingly secured 23 seats.


The UNP which came in 2nd with 169 thousand 668 votes secured 7 seats.


The Democratic Party led by Sarath Fonseka was able to obtain 36 thousand 096 votes and secure 2 seats in the Kurunegala district.


The SLMC and JVP also managed to obtain one seat each.


Meanwhile, United Peoples Freedom Alliance also emerged victorious in the Puttlam district by obtaining 164,675 votes amounting to 9 seats.


The UNP came in 2nd with 87,343 votes and was able to obtain 5 seats.


The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and Democratic Party secured one seat each.



The Central Provincial Council was also bagged by the UPFA which obtained 716 thousand 247 votes to secure 36 seats.


UNP came in 2nd with 16 seats after having obtained 330 thousand 815 votes.


The Democratic Party once again managed to make an impact with 45 thousand 239 votes to secure 2 seats while the CWC also obtained 2 seats.


The Up Country Peoples Front and SLMC managed to win one seat each.


The UPFA won the Nuwara-eliya district by obtaining 225,307 votes amounting to 11 seats.


The UNP came in 2nd with 67,263 votes and was able to obtain 4 seats.


The Up-Country Peoples Front which obtained 23,455 votes secured one seat each.


Meanwhile, United Peoples Freedom Alliance won the Kandy District as well by obtaining 355,812 which as a percentage is 55.76 %.


Accordingly they obtained 16 seats.


The United National Party obtained 200,187 votes and secured 9 seats while the Democratic Party obtained 37,431 votes to secure 2 seats.


Ceylon Workers Congress and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress secured one seat each.


The UPFA emerged victorious in the Matale district in the Central Province by obtaining 135 thousand 128 votes amounting to 7 seats while the UNP obtained 3 seats after receiving 63 thousand 365 votes.


The Ceylon Workers Congress came in 3rd with 10 thousand 498 votes and obtained one seat in Matale.


Tamil National Alliance recorded a crushing victory in the North by winning all Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mannar, Vavunia and Mullaitivu districts.


Accordingly it obtained 30 seats in the Northern Provincial Council with UPFA obtaining 7 seats and Muslim Congress obtaining 1 seat.

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