Preferential votes of the PC election

Sunday, 22 September 2013 - 19:32


In the preferential fight, UPFA candidate of the Matale district Pramitha Bandara Tennakoon won the race by securing 51,591 preferential votes.


Bandula Yalegama came the 2nd by obtaining 45,560 preferential votes while Parakrama Dissanayake came the 3rd by obtaining 24,686 preferential votes.


Ranjith Aluvihare came first in the UNP preferential list by gaining 29,545 preferential votes while Sanjeewa Kavirathna obtained 24,249 preferential votes to become the 2nd in the UNP list.


C.V. Wigneswaran of the TNA received 132,225 preferential votes in the Jaffna district while Anandi Shashidaran won 87,870 preferential votes.


Meanwhile D. Siddarthan obtained 39,715 preferential votes.


UFPA Kamalendran Kandasami received 13,632 preferential votes, Angajan Ramanadan received 10,034 preferential votes in the Jaffna district.


Ilangai Tamil Arasu Kachchi candidate Padmanadan Sathyalingam became the first by obtaining 19,656 preferential votes in the Vavuniya district.


Tamodara Pillai Linga Nadan secured the 2nd place by obtaining 11,901 preferential votes.


Among the UPFA candidates who contested in the Vavuniya district, A.D. Dharmapala has obtained the highest number of preferential votes. His vote count is 5,148.


TNA candidate Anthony Jega-nadan received 9,309 preferential votes in the Mullaitivu district. S. Sivamohan 9,296 and UPFA Ahamad Lebbe Jain Javahar received 1,726 preferential votes in Mullaitivu district.


In the Kilinochchi district preferential fight, TNA Ariyaratnam Pasupathi won 27,264 preferential votes.


Tambirasa Kurukularasa obtain 26,427 preferential votes.


UPFA Vaidya-nadan Tava-Nadan received 3,753 preferential votes.


In the UPFA preferential list of the Puttalam district, Nishantha Perera has led the race by obtaining 62,906 preferential votes.


Sumal Tissera has obtained 26,995 preferential votes to secure the 2nd place while Sandyaa Rajapaksha received 24,818 preferential votes to become the 3rd in the race.


Hector Appu-harmy has become the first in the UNP preferential list by obtaining 19,762 votes.


The much awaited preferential votes of the Kurunegala district has not yet been released.


However according to available sources former MP Dayasiri Jayasekera believed to be leading in the preferential vote list.


Official preferential votes of the Kandy district is also not yet been released.


Reports state that Prime Minister D.M. Jayarathna’s son Anuradha Jayarathna and former Central PC Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayake are leading the preferential list of the Kandy district.