Time to stop Elam-promoting Propaganda - Says Tamil Nadu congress chairman B S Gnana-dhesikan

Friday, 27 September 2013 - 8:27


Tamil Nadu Congress Committee Chairman B, S. Gnana-dhesikan says that the time has arrived for Tamil Nadu political parties to stop Elam-promoting Propaganda.


He said yesterday that as a result of TNA winning the Northern Provincial Council election, the right of the Tamil community  in Sri Lanka had become consolidated.


It is the intention of the Indian Congress Government to bring about a political solution within Sri Lanka.


Tamil Nadu Congress Leader said that the voice that certain Tamil Nadu groups raise for dividing Sri Lanka would not in any way help the Tamil community in Sri Lanka.


He said further that Indian Foreign Minister Salmaan Kurshid would, during his Sri Lankan tour, explain to the Sri Lankan Government with regard to making the 13th amendment meaningfully effective.

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