More ballot papers found from Puttlam - Wipakshaye Wirodhaya calls for a re-poll

Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 18:53



UPFA candidate and former member of the North Western Provincial Council Abdeen Ahiya says that another batch of marked ballot papers has been found in a hall at the St. Andrew’s Central College in Puttalam.

Speaking at a media briefing that was held in Puttlam he stated that the ballot papers in question were handed over to the Puttalam District Returning Officer by the school’s principal and charged that the action taken regarding them has so far been kept secret.

When we inquired regarding the matter from the Elections Secretariat, a Spokesperson stated that the Principal of the school had handed over the ballot papers to the Puttlam district secretariat and that they have been stored safely.


The first stock of such ballot papers were found from the school on the 24th.


Meanwhile, General Secretary of the Sama Samaja Party Dr Wickramabhahu Karunarathna at a media briefing organized by the Wipakshaye Wirodhaya called for a re-poll for Puttlam.


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