Another report about Sri Lanka by UN in the near future

Friday, 11 October 2013 - 8:15



UN Secretary General’s spokesperson said yesterday that the report prepared by UN Secretary General Baan Kee Moon’s committee about UN’s line of action during the last phase of the war waged in Sri Lanka would be issued in the near future.


The spokesperson said so in response to a query posed by Inercity Press journalist who often raises questions against Sri Lanka at the UNO.


The spokesperson also emphasized that no problem had cropped up with regard to releasing the report concerned.


A dialogue had taken place within the UN machinery with regard report prepared by an internal assessment committee.


It is only an internal report.


The report inquires about how the UN should be nurtured by the experience in Sri Lanka.


The Secretary General’s spokesperson said further that the committee had carried out research specially about protecting civilians and measures  that should be adopted for taking speedy action.


It could be released in a few days or weeks.


The Secretary General’s spokesman emphasized that it won’t take a long time for the report to be released.