Water level of reservoirs down to 40%

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 - 13:09


The department of irrigation states that the water level of the reservoirs belonging to the department is currently at 40%.


The head of the water management division of the department of irrigation, Janakee Meegasthanna stated that due to the current water level, the department could face issues in supplying water for cultivation during the Maha season.


Meanwhile, the department of disaster management states that as a result of the prevalent dry weather spell in a majority of the country, reports of forest fires are also being reported.


The deputy director of the department of disaster management Sarathlal Kumara stated that due to this the public should take steps to refrain from setting fires in reserves.


However, the met department states that the 2nd inter monsoon season has become active


Speaking to our news team, the director general of the met department S. R. Jayasekara stated that as a result of this a majority of the country may experience thundershowers in the evening.