The delay of the 2nd Phase of Norochcholai incurs 5 billion rupees loss

Thursday, 24 October 2013 - 12:54



The National Electricity Movement stated that the delay of the opening of Norochcholai coal power plant’s 2nd phase would incur 5 billion rupees loss to the CEB.


It was earlier planned to open the 2nd phase of the plant in this October and add 300 mega watts to the National Grid by December.


National Electricity Consumers Movement Consultant Bandula Chandrasekera said that the CEB has to suffer the loss due to the delay of the Norochcholai 2nd phase opening.


When our news team contacted CEB Chairman W.B. Ganegala to comment on the delay of the Norochcholai Coal Power plant; he admitted a slight delay but said that plans are afoot to open the project before December.


The operation of the Norochcholai 1st phase was restarted after annual maintenance was completed recently.


However Chandrasekera charges that the Norochcholai 1st Phase generated 300 mega watts earlier but it was dropped to 200 mega watts after maintenance.


He said that certain grave technical defaults are the reasons to reduce the power generation capacity of Norochcholai Phase 1.


When our news team contacted CEB Chairman W.B. Ganegala to comment on the allegations, he said that thermal power generation has currently been curtailed due to the increase of hydropower generation.


However he insisted that CEB has not suffered a huge loss as described by the National Electricity Consumers Movement.


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