Tech Products to look forward to in 2015

Monday, 02 February 2015 - 16:35

We have seen many amazing products lined up by various companies in Consumer electronics show held around last year. We are here to tell you these are what we feel that stood out and mostly have something new rather than your regular flagship mobile. These are devices that will bring something exciting to the market. We have definitely seen a lot of crazy ideas in the show from a toothbrush which is linked with Bluetooth to treadmill which was combined with Visual Reality to make u feel like you're actually working out in the open.
#1. LG G FLEX 2

LG G Flex, which was released in 2014 was a good phone as compared to having your phone bent by keeping in your pocket you buy a flexed phone, this phone is an upgrade compared to last year’s G Flex which was 6” and had lower resolution and it was not great even though the phone was average.  The phone packs all the necessary power to make the experience smooth with an upgraded 1080p display this should be a great device.

#2. LENOVO Lavie Z HZ550

Lenovo has been around for a long time and they have been around for a very long time even though they don’t come up with something amazing every year or have the wow factor. 2015 might be their year after all. This notebook is light as it weighs only around 2 pound that is close to what 2 soda cans would weigh. The pros are that it is made up of Magnesium Lithium so it is pretty durable and very slim. The cons would be the battery life and the price tag which is said to be very steep.

#3.  LG UF 9400 Quantum Dot Television

LG definitely is going out all the way and is making changes to the way they do things and it’s not bad as you can see how well they are doing. We all love OLED displays on our smartphones as the color reproduction is amazing the blacks are real and the colors are a bit saturated but gives the best experience and watching videos on them is a delightful experience.  The issue with OLED TVs is that they are not very affordable to an average consumer.  This new TV from LG is somewhat closer to OLED. It is definitely a step up from your average LED display in the market it is cost effective and it does give you better color reproduction compared to your average Led TV.

#4.  Razer OSVR and Hacker Dev Kit

Virtual Reality is definitely the way to go in the future and this will is bound to change everything from academic to gaming this will change how things are done. This will enable creativity and the applications to this are endless. The company is well known for making good gaming gear is now making affordable OSVR(Open-Source Virtual Reality) this is for development purposes mainly. The device is expected to cost around 199 $ and is expected to ship in June this year.

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