Seylan Bank rewards winner of Flock to Win promotion held on its twitter handle

Monday, 09 February 2015 - 16:07

Being in the forefront in the social and digital marketing sphere in the financial sector in Sri Lanka, the Bank with a heart – Seylan Bank not only engages with their customers but rewards them by giving their fans on the social media channels valuable and attractive gifts.

Being number one on the financial sector facebook pages, Seylan Bank is also active on twitter. Seylan Bank, with followers from multiple platforms, launched a twitter competition on their Seylan Bank twitter page with an attractive title #flocktowin (flock to win). This competition was launched in order to reward a clique of friends with dine in vouchers from a star class hotel. The response was immense. These winners were selected based on the highest number of retweets and favourites the tweet received.

The picture shows the winner receiving the four dine in vouchers from a star class hotel on behalf of his friends from Mr.  Dinesh Jebamani, Senior Manager – liability Products and New age media.

Having concluded 2014 with a digitally driven aim for the bank, the social and digital media efforts of Seylan Bank have been broadened to serve you with the latest technology with innovative solutions to make banking all the more easier in 2015.

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