Lanka’s trade with US vital for economy – Delaney

Saturday, 03 September 2016 - 8:14


Visiting Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for South Asia Michael J. Delaney said Sri Lanka’s trade with US is important bedrock of the economy, creating thousands of jobs across the island.

“I do firmly believe the task of national reconciliation will be made much easier in an environment characterised by rapid economic growth and job creation .Conversely, the task of national reconciliation will be more challenging in an environment of stagnant and even declining growth in employment prospects,” he explained.

“An internationally and regionally integrated economy allows goods services and people to move expeditiously in and out of the country. We aim to enhance external trade and investment activities while taking proactive measures to create jobs and prosperity for the people of Sri Lanka. We do firmly believe that Sri Lankan leaders will create an enabling environment for growth, prosperity and good jobs for all.”