Export costs expected to reduce with the establishment of a spice laboratory

Monday, 02 March 2020 - 11:20


The United Nations Industrial Development Organization states that the cost of spice exports in Sri Lanka will be reduced with the establishment of an international standard quality testing laboratory to examine the quality of spices.

This laboratory is being constructed at a cost of US $ 3.5 million under the Industrial Development Board.

The equipment required for this purpose has been already brought to Sri Lanka and will be commissioned after the training is completed.

The European Union is providing the funding required for the project.

After establishing this quality testing laboratory, there will not be a need to send samples of spices to Europe or to India for testing.

It will also reduce the rejection of exported spices.

Spices are the seventh largest export commodity in the country. Last year an income of USD 312.5 million was received from spices which is a 13.2% increase from the previous year.