Namitha Got Cheated Publicly by the Manager ?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 - 17:07

Long legged beauty Namitha is running on a very low note in her filmy career, she is accepting item songs and guest roles to be in lime light. Because of her heavy weight Namitha lost many opportunities and now she is even doing stage shows for survival.

Namitha got cheated by a show organizer by not paying her the remuneration which he promised for her performance on a special event. Namitha know the show organizer from a long time, so trusting him, she did not take any advance for her performance.

Now the organizer is avoiding Namitha and his manager phone calls from couple of weeks. As there is official paper work had done between Namitha and show organizer, it has become tough to get her payment, stressed sources. Namitha is very disappointed with his incident and advising all the actor to stay cautions and do not trust anyone blindly.

(Gulte News)