Why American country legend Jim Reeves endures ... in Nigeria

Thursday, 02 April 2015 - 19:35

In a latest Article in the Afro-pop world wide, it was stated, that the music of Jim Reeves inspired many Nigerians, then and even now.

According to Uchenna Ikonne, an expert on Nigerian musical culture, Jim Reeves and fellow deep country crooner Don Williams influenced scores of Nigerian musicians.

According to Uchenna, Jim Reeves was understood to be making eternal music, capable of maintaining its beauty and importance despite changing trends.

He also added that over 50 years after his death, the American country music legend has maintained his popularity to a truly remarkable extent.

Even today, his importance is still hotly discussed online, in message boards and chat rooms, while his songs are listened to, and downloaded on mp3.

He is also the only singer who is known as Gentleman, and the only singer who is known as the voice from beyond.