"First help your relatives and people around you" - before contributing to the PM and CM fund

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 - 0:50

With India being massively hit by the second wave of COVID-19, citizens are not only suffering physically after testing positive for the deadly virus but many have also been hit economically.

TV actor Mahesh Shetty taking to his Insta Stories has urged people to think twice before making a donation towards PM and CM funds. The actor suggests us to first extend our helping hands to the ones in needs and those who are closely related to us.

The actor is talking about people who are in need such as relatives, friends and domestic help. The Pavitra Rishta actor feels one should make them stronger first as they are also battling an economical war amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. He further feels only we individually can help them as CM and PM funds can’t reach them all. Adding further he said these people will also hesitate to ask, hence, the actor urged people to help them first.

In the midst of the Corona crisis, people are facing a variety of problems. On social media, people are looking for trouble from oxygen to beds in hospitals. Meanwhile, all the celebs from Bollywood to TV are busy helping in their own way.

So Mahesh Shetty appealed to people on his social account to help the people around him. They say that their relatives, friends and house help help before contributing to the PM and CM fund.

Actor Mahesh Shetty wrote in the story on his Instagram account – ‘Before contributing to the PM and CM Fund, keep an eye on yourself whether any of your relatives, friends or servants have become financially weak in this war. Make them strong first, because only you can reach them, not the CM and the Prime Minister. Because these are your own people but hesitate to ask for help from you and the government will not give them anything. Raise your hands yourself ‘.

Actor Mahesh Shetty, who appeared in TV shows like ‘Pritha Rishta’, had earlier appealed to celebrities who had recovered from Corona to donate plasma. He wrote in his post- ‘Celebrities and influencers who have recovered from Kovid and are now in their homes or going out on vacations .. I have no problem with your vacations but please donate your plasma .. to others Set the example for ‘because you can’.