Comedian Leslie Jordan died in a car crash

Tuesday, 25 October 2022 - 10:44

World famous comedian Leslie Jordan, died on Monday at age 67.

Police say Jordan's car slipped off the road and crashed in a building killing him at the scene.

In his 2009 book “My Trip Down the Pink Carpet,” Jordan documented his move from Tennessee to Hollywood in 1982.

The actor found work on television in shows like “The Fall Guy,” “Designing Women” and “The People Next Door.”

Jordan originated the role of Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram in the award-winning play “Sordid Lives,” which he reprised in the 2000 independent film adaption.

He was a fan-favorite for his recurring role as Karen’s friend Beverley Leslie on “Will & Grace.”

He also appeared in “American Horror Story” and “The Cool Kids.”

His star shone even brighter during the height of the pandemic when his social media presence took off on Instagram, garnering him millions of followers.

The platform also became a place where Jordan shared about his struggles, memories and family stories (many about his beloved mama) through the prism of humor.

His last posting on Instagram was him singing a hymn with artist Danny Myrick on Sunday.

-Foreign Media