A revelation by Apeksha hospital director over the influence made by former Health Minister Rajitha

Monday, 02 December 2019 - 12:43


The Director of Apeksha Hospital in Maharagama Dr Wasantha Dissanayake says that former Health Minister Rajitha Senarathna influenced him not to make any statement on the drug shortage of his hospital.

Dr Dissanayake said that the former minister used derogatory words while making such influences over the phone.

A dire drug shortage affected the patients at Apeksha hospital for a long period of time as the then Health Ministry continuously avoided to supply necessary drugs.

Dr Dissanayake said that the then minister told the media the hospital director could buy the necessary drugs from private pharmacies but he did not pass necessary funds.

Dr Dissanayake further said that he was transferred during the presidential election but it was withheld by the election commission.

He also said that most of the vital drugs have supplied to the hospital within the last two weeks after the new government came to power.

The Presidential Commission which probed the fraud and corruption in the government institutions between 2015 and 2018 has also investigated certain corruption on the import of drugs for cancer patients. 

Three factions including the GMOA made complaints to the commission against former minister Senarathna and several other officials.

The factions accused the minister of cheating 3.8 billion rupees in importing a drug prescribed for breast cancer patients.

The Presidential commission learnt that 720 million rupees have been abused by importing this substandard drug.

Dr Wasantha Dissanayake further said he is ready to submit necessary evidence before the court when the Commission takes legal action in connection with this colossal corruption of cancer drug.

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