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Thursday, 09 April 2020 - 13:47
A warning that 500 million individuals around the world could become poor due to the Corona Virus


The United Nations Organization has said that more than 500 million individuals around the world could suffer from poverty due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

The UN said that this is the first time after 30 years that countries of the world are facing a severe crisis situation financial wise.

The World Bank is due to hold a discussion next week with leaders of countries belonging to G20 regarding economy of countries across the world.  

The number of deaths due to the Corona Virus is 88,505 and the number of persons infected is 1,518,773 foreign reports said.

Meanwhile, the least number of Corona infected persons was reported South Korea today.

It was 39. On 29 February, the highest number infected by the virus 909 was reported.

Today four people infected with the virus have died. Accordingly the total number infected in that country is 10,423 and 204 deaths have been reported.

The police have launched an investigation into the Ruby Princess Passenger Ship which was allowed to enter the Sydney Harbour in New South Wales, Australia.

This was with the report that 15 persons from among the 2700 who left the ship had died as a result of the Corona Virus and 600 have been infected and hospitalized.

While passenger ships were banned from entering Australia, this ship had entered the harbour on 19 March. The investigation is to find out how they managed to do so.

The black box or the data storage container of the Ruby Princess has been taken into Police custody.

As of now 50 persons have died due to the Corona Virus in Australia and the number infected is 6,052.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of East Timor Taur Matan Ruak has withdrawn his resignation.

He has said that he needs to support the government further due to the rapidly spreading Corona Virus in that country. He had declared last January that he would resign due to the budget being defeated. 

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