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Friday, 22 May 2020 - 21:11
World covid-19 update - A new virus like Covid 19 spreading among children (Video)


The number of coronavirus patients reported worldwide have increased to 5,245,715. Currently coronavirus infected patients have been reported from 215 countries. The number of deaths reported due to the virus around the world has increased to 336,085.  

Meanwhile, 2,116,322 infected patients have recovered. There are 2,793,308 active patients around the world while 45,594 patients are reported to be in critical condition.

A new virus
Foreign media reports that a new virus, which is very similar to the Covid 19 virus, is spreading among children in many countries, including the United States. 

Currently, 13 countries around the world have been affected by the spread of this new virus, which is very similar to the Covid 19 virus.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo says that more than 150 children have been infected with the virus in their home countries. In addition to the United States, the virus is reported in 13 countries, including Britain, France, Italy, and Spain.

Brazil over 300,000 cases
Brazil, the largest state in South America, has now become the new epicenter of the Covid 19 virus. The highest death toll in to be reported in a day in Brazil was recorded yesterday with 1,188 deaths, and therefore, the total number of deaths have increased to 20,082. The total number of infected people in Brazil has increased to 310,921 with a total of 17,564 new infections being reported in the last 24 hours.

USA nearing 100,000 deaths
The United States is still the world's leading country for the highest number of infected persons and deaths caused by covid -19. USA reported 28,179 covid-19 infected persons yesterday.

The total death toll in the US is now over 96,000. A White House employee who has served under 11 presidents died of covid -19 infection, according to foreign media.

US President Donald Trump, who was on a visit to Michigan, appeared before the media without a face mask and criticizing his behaviour the state attorney general said that it is an embarrassment to have him as the president of the country.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jin Ping's visit to the Chamber in Parliament without a face protective mask, which was convened today, attracted considerable international criticism. President Xi Jinping and other top leaders appeared without masks in front of about 5,000 delegates from parliament, known as the National People’s Congress (NPC), and a government advisory body, for the top annual political assembly. According to reports there was no sign of social distancing at the opening session in the Great Hall of the People with the delegates sitting side by side in rows as usual.

The highest number of cases reported in a day in neighboring India was reported yesterday with 6198 cases. So far, the total number of infected persons in the country has increased to 118,226 and the death toll stands at 3,584.

Bangladesh preparing for Ramadan
Meanwhile Bangladeshi’s preparing for Ramazan festival on Monday without adhering to protective measures was witnessed.

Vaccine trials
The British Department of Health has decided to test the anti-malaria drug Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Drugs to combat the Covid 19 virus. The University of Oxford has received approval for the second phase of the anti-Covid vaccine, which was tested on two people last month. Accordingly, 10,000 clinical trials are to be conducted in the future.

Friday 22 May: Covid-19, World situation report

  • India - 124,073  reported cases and 3,707 deaths
  • Pakistan - 50,694 reported cases and 1,067 deaths
  • Singapore - 30,426 cases and 23 deaths
  • Bangladesh - 30,205 cases and 432 deaths
  • Sri Lanka -1,060 cases with 09 deaths
  • Canada - 81,324 cases with 6,152 deaths
  • Malaysia - 7,137 cases and 115 deaths
  • Saudi Arabia - 67,719 cases and 364 deaths
  • UAE - 26,898 cases and 237 deaths
  • Thailand - 3,037 cases and 56 deaths
  • Kuwait - 19,564 cases and 138 deaths

Countries with over 200,000 infected patients and the number of deaths

  • USA                   1,627,621
  • Russia                  326,448
  • Brazil                      312,074
  • Spain                    280,117
  • United Kingdom    254,195
  • Italy                      228,006

Countries with over 10,000 reported deaths

  • USA                         96,686
  • UK                           36,393
  • Italy                          32,486
  • France                     28,215
  • Spain                       27,940
  • Brazil                       20,112


Data source - compiled from worldometers 9.30 pm 22/05/2020.

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