The video of the Black panther that died at the 'Eth Athuru Sevana' (Video)

Friday, 29 May 2020 - 11:48

The black leopard that was rescued in the Laxapana Estate, Nallathanniya while trapped in a snare has died.

The rare Black Leopard belonging to the Panthera Pardus species which was under treatment at the Udawalawe Eth Athuru Sevana and was injured when trapped in a snare has died. 

Veterinarian of the Udawalawe Eth Athuru Sevana Dr. Malaka Abeywardena said that required steps were taken to take the carcass to the Peradeniya University for a post-mortem examination.

On 26 May this Black Leopard was caught in a snare while roaming around in the Sri Pada Forest Reserve and was found by wildlife officers at Valamanai in the Laxapana estate. Later the wildlife officers took the leopard for treatment and handed it over to the Udawalawe Eth Athuru Sevana and it was being treated in a special enclosure.

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