The harvesting of the second phase of the 'Hiru Govi Sangramaya- Thunhelei Ranketh Udanaya ' commenced this morning (Video)

Friday, 10 July 2020 - 20:35


The harvesting of the second phase of the 'Hiru Govi Sangramaya- Thunhelei Ranketh Udanaya ' commenced this morning. at the Borogolla fields in Haagama, Walapane in the Nuwara Eliya District. 

The 'Hiru Govi ​​Sangramaya - Thun Hele Ranketh Udanaya' program was designed based on a concept of Mr. Rayynor Silva, Chairman of Hiru Media Network, with the objective of cultivating all the barren paddy fields in the country and to make the country self-sufficient in rice.

It was desirous of bringing back the energetic youth who are away from the farming fields to the country again in order to make the country self-sufficient in rice.

The first phase of the Hiru Govi ​​Sangramaya program commenced on January 09 at Thawalama - Badaamunaya in the Ginganga valley in the Sinharaja valley.

The second phase commenced with the cultivation of the fields in Walapane-Nildandahinna-Hegama-Boragolla in the Nuwara Eliya District which was unutilized and abandoned for   over 15 years. The harvesting of the golden harvest commenced this morning at an auspicious time.

The paddy was converted to rice with prominence given to traditional local customs.

The harvesting of 24 acres of paddy land was done today, while the youth and elders of the area had taken measures to cultivate another 21 acres of paddy fields, following the model of the Hiru Govi ​​Sangramaya.

Accordingly, the harvesting was conducted with the participation of the farmers who cultivated 45 acres of paddy fields.

The harvest was converted into rice using a machine made by the villagers themselves.

After the milk boiling ritual at the threshing floor for the benefit of the country and the villagers, the paddy harvest festival came to an end signaling another successful stage in the Hiru Govi ​​Sangramaya designed to re-establish an era of rice enrichment in the country.

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