Opportunity for voters who did not receive official ballot papers

Saturday, 01 August 2020 - 20:08

Voters who have not yet received their official ballot papers will be able to go to their respective post offices and obtain official ballot papers on the 4th as well as on election day.

Explaining this Deputy Post Master General Rajitha Ranasinghe stated that nearly 99% of the official ballot papers have been distributed by now.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission stated that this year's general election will cost close to Rs. 10 billion.

It is reported that Rs. 7 billion was spent during the last presidential election and due to the spread of the coronavirus, an additional expenditure has to be incurred in this general election.

The Election Commission stated that the health guidelines to be followed in holding the general election in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic have been published in the Gazette recently and all necessary steps have been taken to hold the election in line with the guidelines.

According to the health guidelines for the forthcoming general election, additional expenses have to be incurred for the use of antiseptic liquids, the use of materials to color fingernails as well as the hygiene equipment for election officials.

It is also reported that steps have been taken to deploy more officers and increase counting centers this time for election duties in line with the guidelines on social distancing.

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