Case against Vigneswaran in the appeal court settled

Wednesday, 16 September 2020 - 17:36


The Court of Appeal has ordered the termination of the contempt of court case filed against former Northern Province Chief Minister and MP C.V. Vigneswaran and two others.

This decision was taken following the submissions presented by the petitioner and the respondent before Justices Mahinda Samayawardena and Priyantha Fernando.

The case was filed alleging the judiciary was insulted when the respondents did not comply with the order issued by the Court of Appeal to reinstate B. Denishwaran as the Minister of Fisheries and Rural Development in the Northern Provincial Council.

Accordingly, counsel for the petitioner informed the court that his client does not intend to pursue the charge sheet further as he has agreed to withdraw the appeal.

Counsel for the respondent pointed out that he was also prepared to withdraw the appeal filed by him in the Supreme Court against the order given by the Court of Appeal against his client in February 2018.

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