Coronavirus daily roundup : Coronavirus infected mother gives birth to a healthy baby (Video)

Thursday, 29 October 2020 - 20:06

Labour Department Narahenpita
Four security guards of the Llabour department in Narahenpita and a driver of the labour ministry have tested positive for covid-19. The owner of the ground floor canteen has visited the Peliyagoda fish market recently and it is suspected that these individuals contracted the virus from him.

Brandix Corona cluster investigating team contract coronavirus
Meanwhile, Attorney General Dappula de Livera has ordered the Acting Inspector General of Police to remove the the Colombo Crimes Division team investigating the Brandix Corona cluster and appoint to another investigation team from a different unit. State Counsel for the Attorney General Nishara Jayaratne said the decision had been reached following the report that a group of police officers of the Colombo Crimes Division had tested positive for COVID-19.

Coronavirus infected mother gives birth to a healthy baby 
Meanwhile it was confirmed yesterday (28) that a mother who gave birth at the Ratnapura General Hospital had contracted coronavirus. A hospital spokesperson said that a staff member of the hospital, including the doctors who performed the caesarean section on the mother, as well as members of the radiation unit had been sent for quarantine.

Her husband is an officer in the STF camp at the Colombo Port and he too has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. However, hospital sources said that the child was in good health.

42 patients from Ratnapura
Eight coronavirus patients have been reported from the Eheliyagoda area in Ratnapura today. Accordingly, the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Director of Health Services Dr. Kapila Kannangara stated that the total number of cases reported from the Ratnapura District has increased to 42 so far.

Mother of 21-day-old baby admitted with her baby to hospital for coronavirus
Meanwhile, the mother of a 21 - day - old baby in the Tangalle - Kudawella area was admitted to the Mulleriyawa hospital with her baby after it was confirmed yesterday that she was infected with the corona virus. A PCR test was conducted since she had been staying at a relative's house in Kiribathgoda for about a week and later was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection.

Son objects the mother being taken due to coronavirus
Meanwhile, after a woman was diagnosed with corona at a house on the Kadawatha-Wewahenawatta road this morning, when the officers of the Mahara Medical Officer's Office came to take her, the woman's son strongly objected and scolded the Kadawatha Police. However, our correspondent stated that after the OIC of the Kadawatha Police clarified the matter, he allowed his mother to be taken away.

Meanwhile, three fish traders residing in the Galle - Karandeniya area who had visited the Peliyagoda fish market and the Beruwala harbor were also confirmed to be infected.

A worker of the Dengue Control Unit of the Colombo Municipal Council infected 
Also, a person working in the Dengue Control Unit of the Colombo Municipal Council living in the Elpitiya - Pitigala - Mattiviliya area has been infected with the virus. It has been revealed that in addition to serving in the Dengue Control Unit, he has been involved in the disinfection of areas where coronavirus patients have been reported in recent days.

Matale - a doctor and five nurses infected 
The Chief Medical Officer of the Laggala Regional Hospital Abhishek Sankalpa stated that a doctor and five nurses attached to the Laggala Regional Hospital in Matale have been identified as coronavirus patients.

MP Patali Champika Ranawaka's security infected 
The husband of one of the nurses who was infected with coronavirus has also been identified as a coronavirus infected person and it has been revealed that he is a member of the security forces of MP Patali Champika Ranawaka.

Vistors to the Kalametiya harbor to be tested 
It has been confirmed that a person who was under self quarantine in the Hungama - Kalametiya area has also been infected with the coronavirus. Since the infected person had gone to the Kalametiya fishing harbor yesterday afternoon, the Hungama Police requests all those who had come to buy fish to immediately inform the Public Health Inspector of the area or the Hungama Police.

Religious programmes restricted to 50 people 
Meanwhile, the Director of the Health Promotion Bureau, Dr. Palitha Karunaprema, requested that when organizing religious programs on the occasion of Vap Poya Day tomorrow, to limit the number of persons in areas where the curfew is not enforced to 50.

Mosques closed in Western Province
Meanwhile, the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs said in a statement that it had decided to close all mosques in the Western Province until further notice.

Don't visit Nuwara Eliya
Nuwara Eliya District Secretary Rohana Pushpakumara also requests the public to refrain from visiting the Nuwara Eliya area until further notice. He said that Victoria Park and Gregory Lake Park in Nuwara Eliya as well as several tourist spots including Sandatenna have already been closed.






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