Did the SI carry the victims head in a shoulder bag ? - DNA to be compared with the mother (Video)

Wednesday, 03 March 2021 - 21:59

Police have taken steps to conduct a DNA test to confirm the identity of the body of the girl found inside a bag on Dam Street.

This is since her head section has not yet been found.

Accordingly, DNA samples of the remains and samples of her mother were obtained today.

After comparing them, the post mortem will be conducted tomorrow, police said.

The victim was living with her mother in the Theppanawa area in Kuruwita.

She had also supported MP Hesha Vithanage's election campaign and her brother is a UNP member of the Kuruwita Pradeshiya Sabha.

Her mother stated that the daughter had left the house on the 28th to support a dansala held for the devotees attending the Sri Pada pilgrimage.

Her relatives had visited the Judicial Medical Officer's Office in Colombo this afternoon to identity the body.

The head of the girl has not been found yet, police said. According to the footage, it is suspected that the sub-inspector had carried the victims head in a bag that was seen over his shoulders.


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