Decisive discussion between SLC & Lankan cricketers

Monday, 07 June 2021 - 14:06

A decisive discussion is currently being held between Sri Lankan cricketers and Sri Lanka Cricket Officials prior to the England tour. 

Sri Lanka's tour of England has been cast into serious trouble after the players expected to be selected refused to sign the tour contracts offered by Sri Lanka Cricket according to foreign media.

This is as part of the men's cricketers' larger resistance to SLC's new annual contracts scheme, which they believe lacks transparency and does not adequately compensate senior players.

Sri Lanka's national cricket players on Saturday refused to sign new pay contracts by a weekend deadline, but said they will take part in the tour of England later this month. A lawyer representing the cricketers said they did not agree with a new performance-based pay scheme designed by a cricket board panel that included former Australia star Tom Moody. "Players refuse to sign annual and tour contracts until the pay dispute is resolved,".

Although players have not been centrally contracted since last October when the previous round of contracts expired, since they have played under a succession of temporary tour contracts.

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