Benjamin Netanyahu loses his 12-year hold on power

Sunday, 13 June 2021 - 23:37

Benjamin Netanyahu loses his 12-year hold on power as Israel's parliament approves new coalition government.

With lawmakers' vote of 60 and 59, Naftali Bennett won a crucial vote in Israel's Knesset Sunday, ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the country's longest-serving leader from office.

The vote set the stage for Bennett's swearing in as the country's first new leader in more than a decade.

Naftali Bennett now becomes  the New Prime Minister of Israel ending the era of Benjamin Netanyahu after the vote in favor of New coalition Government.

On Sunday, June 13, Benjamin Netanyahu was forced out as prime minister after a record 12-year consecutive term, his second in office.

To his supporters, he's the tireless protector of modern-day Israel who helped turn the small nation into an economic powerhouse with outsized influence on the world stage.

Without question, Netanyahu has left an indelible mark on Israel, changing and molding its path. And though he may be leaving the highest office for now, his influence is far from over.

"In some ways Israel is stronger after Netanyahu. Certainly Israel is economically much stronger and militarily, in other ways he leaves Israel much weaker in particular in the internal divisions." said Natan Sachs, Director of the Brookings Institution's Center for Middle East Policy. "After 12 years, he deserves credit and fault."

But since 2019 Netanyahu has failed to bring about a functioning government, election after election resulted in the same political deadlock. An investigation and eventual trial into allegations of corruption led to increasing attacks on Israel's judicial system.

"For the last two years he'd subsumed the fate of the country to his personal fate has also exacerbated the divisions dramatically," Sachs said. "He's attacked the judiciary simply because of his personal fate. And has deeply damaged trust in these institutions."

Even successfully managing a massive Covid-19 vaccination campaign, which essentially brought the country back to normalcy well ahead of the rest of the world, was not enough for Netanyahu and his allies to fully gain control after the 2021 election.

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