SriLankan Airlines recognized as “Best in managing health at work”

Thursday, 22 July 2021 - 9:44

SriLankan Airlines has been awarded the Outstanding Health Management Award for “Best in managing health at work” under the Asian Human Resource Leadership Award category at this year's Asian Leadership Awards 2021.

This award recognizes and applauds the holistic approach taken by the airline to curtail the outbreak of Covid-19 at the workplace. SriLankan Airline’s efforts to ensure the wellbeing of employees since the onset of the pandemic whilst maintaining a productive working environment across all operational areas of the airline were highly commended.

The 19th edition of the Asian Leadership Awards was held virtually on July 15, 2021, with the participation of more than 300 senior leaders from over 15 countries.

The Human Resources Division was proactive in creating awareness among employees through regular communication and conducting safety awareness campaigns to provide the necessary guidelines to all staff. A ‘COVID prevention task force’ was formed with representatives from all critical divisions to review preventive measures.

“The recognition reflects our concern since the beginning of the pandemic to make the Airline a safe environment for all our employees,” commented Ashok Pathirage, Chairman, SriLankan Airlines. “Our measures to combat Covid-19 have already gained international recognition, confirming that all signage, awareness, and adjustments to infrastructure and processes are aligned with global health and safety protocols.”

SriLankan Airlines the national flag carrier of Sri Lanka has also been awarded "Diamond" Standard by the APEX Health Safety (Airline Passengers Experience Association) powered by SimpliFlying for the airline‛s efforts in ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitization across its operations. Having previously being awarded the "Platinum" standard in January 2021 the airline was recognized for the extra safety measures and comprehensive hygiene precautions taken, since the onset of the global pandemic.

SriLankan Airlines is the first airline in South Asia to receive the “Diamond” accreditation, the highest possible rating attainable based on the evaluation of a 58-point checklist. The Airline achieved the “Diamond” standard with numerous criteria been reviewed related to the health safety of passengers being the focal point of the journey including a touch-free check-in process and implementation of physical distancing.

In addition, all SriLankan aircraft are disinfected before every flight and equipped with the most advanced High-Efficiency Particulate Air ( HEPA) air filtration systems onboard. The cabin air is refreshed every two to three minutes throughout the flight. This requires keeping the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) turned on before boarding until disembarkation on arrival, to ensure the HEPA filters are up and running to their maximum capacity and this was a commended measure by the APEX SimpliFlying audit committee.

Chairman, SriLankan Airlines Ashok Pathirage stated “We continue to diligently implement comprehensive hygiene precautions to ensure that our passengers can travel in a safe and healthy environment during the pandemic.The precautionary measures taken by SriLankan Airlines during these uncertain times make us proud to receive the highest status in the APEX Health Safety audit.”

“Since the start of the pandemic, SriLankan Airlines has been committed to the safety and wellbeing of all its employees and passengers. Our team is dedicated to being the safest airline in the region by adopting advanced biosafety measures at all customer touchpoints and reassuring our passengers that safety is a priority when travelling with us,” said Vipula Gunatilleka CEO of SriLankan Airlines.

SriLankan Airlines undertook several medical collaborations to further advance biosafety across its business by working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA), and the Ministry of Health to make sure safety guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) are followed.

“SriLankan Airlines’ advancement in the ratings, came by the airline’s incredible investment in nearly a dozen recommended new health safety steps for the enhanced safety of their passengers,” APEX CEO Dr. Joe Leader stated. He further added, “Reaching the ‘hospital grade’ Diamond level demonstrates SriLankan’s commitment to advancing in every way possible forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Furthermore, the Airlines’ medical center prioritized addressing the needs related to the Covid-19 pandemic by proactively engaging with local health authorities. SriLankan Airlines achieved a milestone with its vaccination drive inoculating more than 90% of its flight crew, supporting the path towards global travel recovery.

“Sri Lankan has become the most improved airline in the APEX Health Safety audit powered by SimpliFlying. Since their first audit in January this year, the airline has managed to refine their health safety strategy with new measures and Sri Lankan’s success is a solid example of how an airline should build trust among passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said SimpliFlying CEO Shashank Nigam.

The airline offers passengers neighbour-free seating which provides customers with generous legroom and more space to relax during the flight. Also, it benefits concerned travellers by enabling passengers to block seats around them, providing an effective solution for social distancing onboard.

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