Gas explosion caught on camera (Video)

Wednesday, 01 December 2021 - 11:27

Gas related fires and explosions were reported all over the island yesterday and the day before yesterday.

On 29 November alone 16 such incidents were reported and yesterday the number of gas related accidents was 20.

Neither the government nor the relevant gas companies have been able to give a clear answer regarding this increasing insecurity related to gas.

Meanwhile, the Hiru News team went to the Muthurajawela Litro Gas Headquarters yesterday to find answers to this growing social problem.

The manager of the warehouse who spoke with us there said that they had made some changes in the composition of the gas they emitted to customers during the month of July.

He said that the modified gas cylinders were distributed to the consumers in samples.

However, this manager did not have an answer to the question raised by our correspondent Pasan Nandula regarding the percentage of the composition. He said not to ask him that question.

Is it possible for gas companies to change the composition and issue to the consumer a way of thinking that this is a consumer product that should be used extremely safely?

What right do these gas companies have to turn consumers into laboratory rats?

These gas companies have not yet been able to provide an acceptable answer to these problems.

Meanwhile, a small explosion near a gas stove in a kitchen was recorded by a CCTV camera installed in the kitchen, giving a nice answer to the gas company officials and political personalities who are making various statements that mislead the society.

Our news team tried to find the house or kitchen related to this video which was circulating on social media but it was not successful.

However, what is the answer to the issue of gas exploding in the society at present and those who do not agree with it?

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