Lanka Vision Action Foundation is changing Sri Lanka

Tuesday, 19 July 2022 - 14:01

Innocent and kind-hearted souls suffer in silence. But should they? Their silence must not go unheard. Lanka Vision Action Foundation (LVAF), as a grassroot organization intends to be a great source of strength to those silent whispers.

LVAF envisions an environment where the youth could be made self-efficient and financially independent through vocational training, to introduce women with the necessary skills to bring forth a self-sustained sisterhood, to create a beneficial environment for men to have the capabilities to run a family, and to integrate the differently-abled children access to an education which has been deprived of them.

To do so, the initiatives LVAF has taken include assigning teams to marginalized fields where they could identify the needs of the targeted groups. These endeavors were projected in LVAF- projects such as book distribution in the Walapane education zone, dry foods distribution, youth empowerment programs, self-sustainability projects for youth and women, construction of child development centers, and projects for inclusive education for the differently-abled.

These projects represent the Vision and Mission of LVAF that revolve around these initiatives. The vision of LVAF is to provide access and avenues to uplift the lives of the impoverished and most vulnerable communities who are excluded by mainstream media.

The mission that LVAF pursues is through active ground-level work, local partnerships, international partnerships, and early intervention to address the concerns of youth, women, men, and children as well as local stakeholders.

LVAF has accomplished its success through collective teamwork within its organization as well as collaborations with international donors such as the Nanban Foundation, and other local and international facilitators.

These precious souls need all the goodness in the world and Lanka Vision Action Foundation, for one intends to give them what they deserve.

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