Tea Estate workers in Central Hills face perilous wasp attacks: urgent call for safety measures

Monday, 18 September 2023 - 22:03

Tea estate workers in the picturesque Central Hills of are currently grappling with a dangerous threat – wasp attacks – which have left them in a state of distress and concern.

These diligent plantation workers, engaged in their daily routines, have found themselves vulnerable to wasp attacks originating from nests affixed to tall trees and tea bushes within the tea plantations.

The impact of these wasp attacks is especially severe on the women plantation workers who laboriously pick tea leaves and carry out various tasks in the sprawling tea estates.

The perilous situation escalates when predatory birds or inclement weather conditions trigger the collapse of these substantial wasp nests. Subsequently, agitated wasps swarm and aggressively attack the plantation workers on the ground, leading to injuries and, tragically, even fatalities.

Tragic instances of plantation workers succumbing to critical injuries from these harrowing wasp attacks have been documented in the past. One pressing challenge is the difficulty of transporting injured workers to hospitals swiftly, given the rugged terrain and transportation limitations in the central hills.

The plantation workers' community is calling upon the responsible authorities to take immediate and decisive action. They urge the authorities to devise and implement a scientifically sound plan for the systematic removal of wasp nests attached to trees in the vicinity of tea estates. Such measures are seen as essential to preventing immediate wasp attacks and ensuring the safety and well-being of plantation workers.

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