Heavy rains cause disruptions in several areas in Kandy District

Monday, 20 November 2023 - 17:19

The Kandy District is grappling with significant challenges as heavy rains persist, leading to road blockages and the evacuation of families from high-risk areas, as reported by the District Disaster Management Center.

Numerous roads in Kandy District's divisional secretariats have been obstructed by earth and rocks due to the relentless rainfall. The main road in Madolkele, Kandy, has suffered a landslide, resulting in a blockage. Additionally, the Charliyedda Dumkumbura road is experiencing disruptions in traffic caused by a broken bridge.

Residents in various areas, including Polwatta, Mawathagama, and Minigamuwa, are facing inconveniences and challenges due to the adverse weather conditions, as mentioned by a reporter from Hiru.

In response to the heightened risk of landslides, the Kandy District Disaster Management Center has taken proactive measures, evacuating several families residing in areas vulnerable to landslides. This evacuation initiative aims to ensure the safety of residents and minimize potential risks associated with the ongoing heavy rains.

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