Hiru CIA uncovers Prostitution ring involving leading actress from film industry (Video)

Friday, 14 June 2024 - 10:45

Hiru CIA has exposed a drug trafficking and prostitution ring involving a film actress. This actress, alongside an organized group, has been implicated in selling women, including actresses and models, to wealthy businessmen. The Walana Anti-Corruption Unit arrested the actress, who was later remanded by the Horana Magistrate's Court.

During a raid in the Horana-Gonahena area, the actress and four other women involved in this illicit trade were apprehended. The investigation revealed that the group collaborates with another organized gang to entrap rich businessmen by getting them addicted to ice drugs and defrauding them. They also host alcohol parties as part of their scheme.

A key figure in the gang is a woman named Anusha, who frequently changes her residence. Another member, Maya, who was last seen in the Jaela area, is currently missing. A businessman who fell victim to the gang's alcohol parties shared his ordeal with Hiru CIA, detailing how they use ice drugs to manipulate their targets.

The informant disclosed that the gang obtains ice drugs with the help of narcotics officers, who are compensated with women. Additionally, Hiru CIA reported that the suspect has committed vehicle fraud and is in hiding. She also possesses two foreign passports, issued in 2014 and 2018, under different ID numbers.

Hiru CIA emphasizes the responsibility of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to take action against this criminal gang. As a vigilant media outlet, Hiru CIA will continue to monitor and report on the enforcement of laws against such illegal activities. 

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