Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Struggles from UNP and JVP. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Marriage registration fees increases. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Assigning of marks for offences in driving from today. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 The new year 2013 dawns; many important activities for the country says President. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 New year revellers welcoming 2013 Hiru News en 2013-01-01 20% reduction in the accidents at the dawn of the New Year. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Kim Kardashian is expecting a baby Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Wade set for promotion to No.6 Hiru News en 2013-01-01 3 abandoned girls handed over to the Bandaragama police Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Container transporting potatoes not suitable for consumption seized in Dambulla Hiru News en 2013-01-01 All parties should face challenges united - requests Patriotic National Movement Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Reconsider the impeachment - says UN Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Bangladeshs proposed tour to Pakistan put on hold Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Oscars voting extended after online poll gripes Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Syria backs plan for talks to end conflict Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Sri Lanka inflation declines to 9.2% in December Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Year 2013 dedicated for eradicating non communicable diseases. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 TNA seeks unity. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Additional allowance for the police from today Hiru News en 2013-01-01 40 thousand 460 motor accidents in the past year. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Defence secretary states that the need of all citizens have been identified. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Criticism is welcome says Minister Nimal Siripala Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Economy has responded quickly, says Central Bank Governor. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 North Koreas Kim Jong-un makes rare New Year speech. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 ABBA tribute show, to perform at The Stafford Centre on Jan 12th. Hiru News en 2013-01-01 Australian pacer Glenn McGrath to be inducted into ICC Cricket Hall of Fame. Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Large number of rules an inconvenience to the people; says Miniser Anura Yapa. Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Justice from Minister Hakeem for the law entrance exam crisis. Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Opposition leader meets his holiness the Pope today. Hiru News en 2013-01-02 The Government in preparation for a reply to the UN statement abut impeachment. Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Ivory Coast mourns 60 killed in New Years stampede. Hiru News en 2013-01-02 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Russia to enhance economic ties. Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Best captain Mahela; Geoff Marsh. Hiru News en 2013-01-02 China readies draft law for exploration of Indian Ocean. Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Minister of Higher Education refutes claims that student was hospitalised following her reprimand during leadership training programme Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Protests observed before several schools today during commencement of new term Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Impeachment is parliamentary process; UNP abstains from going to court over impeachment; Leader of the opposition to make special statement in due course Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Syria ushers in New Year with more violence Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Shaminda Eranga suffers a leg injury Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Inflation continued to remain at single digit level in 2012 Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Retail price of drugs made compulsory to be displayed during sale from today Hiru News en 2013-01-02 President Obama praises US fiscal cliff deal Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Tom Cruise named highest paid actor in Hollywood Hiru News en 2013-01-02 New Zealand demolished for 45 in 19.2 overs Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Waiko takes up international mission to denounce Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-01-02 All stocks of Cloxacillin vaccines banned from use Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Signs portend of Presidency of BASL changing hands Hiru News en 2013-01-02 Government & UNP place confidence in parliament while JVP & TNA take up separate stance Hiru News en 2013-01-03 New rules against companies supplying substandard drugs. Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Another petition seeking for invalidating the chief Justices petition to be taken up for hearing today. Hiru News en 2013-01-03 The Government and the UNP do not go to courts; TNA and JVP go to courts. Hiru News en 2013-01-03 The chief justices petition to be taken up for hearing at the appeal court today. Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Sri Lanka to issue coin series to depict districts Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Syria conflict kills 60 thousand, says UN. Hiru News en 2013-01-03 CJ should resign from the post in a manner that preserves the honour of the judiciary; Johnston Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Patti Page, singer of Tennessee Waltz, dies aged 85 Hiru News en 2013-01-03 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Sri Lanka 80 for 2 at lunch. Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Woman commits suicide in Mattakuliya by self immolation Hiru News en 2013-01-03 CPC suffer losses in excess of 90 billion rupees last year Hiru News en 2013-01-03 A MP cannot testify regarding parliamentary activities without permission - possibility of a censor motion being brought against such MPs Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Standing orders are not a law; Appeals court states Supreme Courts opinion. Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Heavy showers expected. Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Afghan warlord vows fresh attacks on NATO troops Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Sri Lanka aims at inflation of 7.0-pct in 2013 Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Lincoln, Les Miz, Argo earn producers honors Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Demarcation marks of year 5 scholarship to be issued next Monday Hiru News en 2013-01-03 Next Chief Justice should be a Supreme Court Judge says patriotic national movement Hiru News en 2013-01-03 This is the end game says government Hiru News en 2013-01-03 PSC has no legal authority Supreme Court determines. Writ petition filed by the Chief Justice to be taken up before court on the 07th January Hiru News en 2013-01-03 20mn Rupees worth of Sugar unsuitable for consumption seized Hiru News en 2013-01-04 An attempt to create a gas scarcity in the country. Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Freedom for Rizana Nafeek soon. Hiru News en 2013-01-04 The UNP request the Speaker to alter the rules regarding the impeachment. Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Information to the effect that the threat to Minister Anura Yapa had been made from a telephone booth. Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Australia 127/ 1 at lunch. Hiru News en 2013-01-04 18-year old on kills the father. Hiru News en 2013-01-04 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Zero Dark Thirty: Senate committee reviews CIA contact Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Syria rebels in push to seize northern airports Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Helen Mirren gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Hiru News en 2013-01-04 US criticizes Google chairmans North Korea visit Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Sri Lanka to add Yuan bonds to forex reserve assets Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Polarized views regarding impeachment Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Women top the list for tapping electricity Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Yellow rain experienced in Katharagama; red rain in Nanuoya Hiru News en 2013-01-04 SLMC & Leftist parties remain undecided on support for Divinaguma bill Hiru News en 2013-01-04 46 Sri Lankan migrants stranded at sea rescued Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Ajantha Mendis returns for limited-overs series Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Adele tops US chart again in 2012 Hiru News en 2013-01-04 No arsenic in Yellow and Red Rain; NAEA Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Issue regarding law school to the attention of Chief Prelate of the Malwathu chapter Hiru News en 2013-01-04 Warning to government websites Hiru News en 2013-01-04 The investigation of the impeachment is a duty of the parliament - Make new laws; UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-04 NGOs and Pro LTTE elements behind the protests against Impeachment; Govt. Hiru News en 2013-01-04 31 reservoirs overflowing Hiru News en 2013-01-05 No international protection for Sri Lankan employees abroad - alleges the UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-05 2nd phase of leadership training successful - says Ministry of Higher Education Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Naval and fishing activities along the cost from Matara to Pottuvil risky Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Instructions for both government and UNP MPs to not go abroad Hiru News en 2013-01-05 SLMC decision regarding the Divi Neguma Bill postponed Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Sri Lanka requests another 1 billion dollar loan from the IMF Hiru News en 2013-01-05 UN High Commissioner for refugees issues word of advise for Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Father who murdered daughter in Piliyandala commits suicide Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Elections may be postponed in 9 Local Government institutions in Batticaloa Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Sri Lanka submits reply to UN Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Met Department requests sea farers to be vigilant Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Cycling: Armstrong may admit to doping Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Sri Lanka receivers US$ 2 billion FDI in 2012 Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Oscars show to include 007 tribute Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Patriot missile troops in Turkey as Syria war worsens Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Lincoln, Argo earn Writers Guild nominations Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Cameras in all private buses Hiru News en 2013-01-05 100 houses in Badulla destroyed in strong winds Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Minister Wimals statement insulted the judiciary; a letter to Supreme Court judges Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Powers of Parliament for the benefit of the public; government Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Mother arrested after Father commits suicide after murdering infant Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Analysis carried out on rock fragments Hiru News en 2013-01-05 Gas Prices increased Hiru News en 2013-01-05 UPFA Member of Kelaniya PS shot dead Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Low pressure condition affecting the island fades away; Fishermen and Naval Personnel cautioned Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Impeachment was a mere disciplinary inquiry; a statement from government Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Gas prices increased Hiru News en 2013-01-06 UPFA Member of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha shot dead in front of his residence Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Minister speaks of difference in O/Ls Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Honduran ambassador to Colombia sacked after wild party Hiru News en 2013-01-06 French-Moroccan family dies in plane crash Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Australia seal 3-0 win over Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D off to a great start Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Dual Citizenship introduced once again Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Expedient investigations into death of Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha member Hiru News en 2013-01-06 JVP protests against impeachment; quit day dreaming; Anura Yapa Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Special party leaders meeting scheduled for tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Risk of dengue & rat fever spreading Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Unidentified rock fragments recovered from paddy field in Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Expired potatoes discovered from Dambulla make their way to eateries Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Kiriella warns of losing parliamentary seats due to impeachment Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Favourable if the Appeals Court did not issue notice - says UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Stage set for a $ 100 b economy - CB Governor Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Syrias Assad denounces puppet opponents in TV address Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Hughes, Khawaja tip out Hussey Hiru News en 2013-01-06 Pacino says he didnt want to meet Spector Hiru News en 2013-01-07 A briefing of ground level staff about Divi Naguma. Hiru News en 2013-01-07 The LSSP also to avoid impeachment vote. Hiru News en 2013-01-07 The Chief Justices petition to be taken up for hearing at the appeal court today. Hiru News en 2013-01-07 India thrash Pakistan in the 3rd ODI. Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Palestine to be used in West Bank public documents Hiru News en 2013-01-07 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-07 The speaker and the MPs cannot give interpretations; says UNP. Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Unpublished early color photographs of The Beatles to be auctioned. Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Number of HIV infected in Sri Lanka hits record high Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Death of female police constable in Fort due to love affair Hiru News en 2013-01-07 JVP & TNA arrive in court today Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Independent committee appointed to investigate impeachment gathers today; 4 veterans from various fields of expertise appointed as committee members Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Impeachment debate on the 10th and 11th; opposition walks out from the party leaders meeting. Hiru News en 2013-01-07 UNP should not act according to media agendas; Ranil Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Canadian Premiers decision remains unaltered; Canadian Minister. Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Iran backs Assads stance on Syria Hiru News en 2013-01-07 The Hobbit chased off by Chainsaw Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Sri Lanka undone by inconsistency - Ford Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Cut off marks of year 5 scholarship announced; Royal & Vishaka - 183 Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Judiciary cannot topple a government; Opposition leader. Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Parliamentary debate on impeachment to be held on the 10th & 11th of this month Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Appeals court issues writ order annulling PSC report on impeachment against CJ Hiru News en 2013-01-07 Supreme Court ruling doesnt allow debating impeachment report; JVP Hiru News en 2013-01-07 A tense situation before law college Hiru News en 2013-01-08 1050 school text books seized from Gampola. Hiru News en 2013-01-08 A 3rd party cannot reverse the impeachment debate; A statement from deputy speaker. Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Divi Neguma Bill to be taken up for debate today; JVP and TNA oppose the bill. Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Lionel Messi wins Ballon dOr ahead of Ronaldo & Iniesta Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Obama names Hagel and Brennan to lead Pentagon and CIA Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Oscar host Seth MacFarlane to announce nominations Hiru News en 2013-01-08 2 deaths due to disasters in Badulla; rain expected in several areas today as well. Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Law school entrance delayed by a week Hiru News en 2013-01-08 SLMC to support the Divi Neguma Bill Hiru News en 2013-01-08 No need for an impeachment debate - says the UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Suspects of the murder of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabah member arrested Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Sri Lanka expects more business with K-Line car carrier call Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Gayle unable to play Caribbean T20 Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Australia bushfires rage in catastrophic conditions Hiru News en 2013-01-08 US critics reward Cannes favourite Amour Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Sri Lanka gilt yields up in secondary trading Hiru News en 2013-01-08 UNP MPs receive letters Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Opposition party leaders write to the Speaker Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Sathyagraha in front of Chief Justices official residence; Letter sent to the UN Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Divi naguma amended draft bill passed in parliament. Hiru News en 2013-01-08 No one can betray the sovereignty of the public; says President. Hiru News en 2013-01-08 Stern action will be taken against the culprits involved in the Kalaniya incident; SSP Hiru News en 2013-01-08 A historic bill will be passed in Parliament; says Dinesh. Hiru News en 2013-01-09 North East Monsoon active. Rain in many provinces today as well Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Funeral of assassinated Kelaniya Councillor today - Special security for Kelaniya Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Three special examination days for students who couldnt sit the Ordinary level examination due to rains Hiru News en 2013-01-09 An emergency party leaders meeting about impeachment today Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Syria crisis; Food aid cannot reach a million people Hiru News en 2013-01-09 The draft Divineguma Act was passed by a majority of 107 votes Hiru News en 2013-01-09 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Warne apologises. Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Britain to host talks on post - Assad Syria Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Spice Girls show fails to sell out Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Malinga in the form of his life - Hussey Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Teacher services trade union pursues court action against irregularities in teacher transfers Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Ready to re - host examinations based on recommendations of Law College; Commissioner General of Examinations tells Bodhu Bala Sena Hiru News en 2013-01-09 TNA & SLMC to decide on impeachment debate this evening Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Country not instable says Government; JVP set to boycott debate Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Letters to Parliamentarians Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Rizana Nafeek executed Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Nidhanaya makes its way to India unbeknown Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Rizana Nafeek executed Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Attorneys to boycott duties today & tomorow Hiru News en 2013-01-09 No one will be permitted to usurp democratic rights... - President Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Substandard sugar seized Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Request to reasses 2012 law entrance examination Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Final rights of murdered Kelaniya PS member observed Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Vernon Philander has been ruled out Hiru News en 2013-01-09 Rolling stones o host more live gigs Hiru News en 2013-01-09 India accuses Pakistan Hiru News en 2013-01-10 A disclosure about an attempt to mislead investigation about Kelaniya killing Hiru News en 2013-01-10 An attempt by foreign affairs ministry to bring Rizanas body Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Lawyers boycott duties. A walk from Hulstdorf to parliament Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Parliament debate on impeachment report begins today - UNP and TNA to attend JVP to boycott Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Minister Yapa reminds Sajith of his duties Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Heavy rains experienced in many regions; 58 of the 72 tanks overflowing Hiru News en 2013-01-10 10 inmates escape the Awissawella prison Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Judicial activities hindered due to Lawyers strike Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Lawyers procession begins; Tense situation near the Hultsdorf Court Complex Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Pillay yet to respond to the invitation by the SL government Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Brahimi says Assad plan for Syria one-sided Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Tom Cruise to become honorary citizen of Busan,South Korea Hiru News en 2013-01-10 November tea production declines by 6.1 % Hiru News en 2013-01-10 1 of the 10 inmates who broke out from Avissawella jail arrested Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Rizana Nafeek buried in Saudi Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Legal proceedings mostly unhindered Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Parliament tense following impeachment debate ; DNA vacates chamber Hiru News en 2013-01-10 43 of the 72 irrigation tanks overflowing Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Chief Justice should be responsible for all counts; Government Hiru News en 2013-01-10 Sri Lanka recalls Saudi Ambassador in a show of dissent over execution of Rizana Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Kalaniya divisional councillors write to the IGP. Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Many Low lying areas submerged; Strong winds in South East, East and South coastal areas. Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Lawyers boycott court duties today Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Vote on impeachment today; lawyers boycott duties. Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Sri lankas displeasure at death sentence being meted out to Rizana; Saudi ambassador recalled to the island. Hiru News en 2013-01-11 SL vs Australia 1st ODI today. Hiru News en 2013-01-11 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Silver Linings surprise contender, while Lincoln dominates Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Syria accuses UN peace envoy of bias ahead of tri-talks Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Sri Lanka to get Rs. 19.5 billion loan from China to finance Hambantota Port development Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Tom Cruise turns down Psys Gangnam challenge Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Twilight finale tops anti-Oscar Razzies shortlist Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Australia 305/ 5 Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Badulu & Malwathu rivers overflow; Railway activity on upcountry track hampered Hiru News en 2013-01-11 I will not betray the parliament; says Ranil. Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Attorneys at Hulftsdorp engage in Black protest Hiru News en 2013-01-11 UK deplores death of Rizana Nafeek; Victim was conferred sentenced in accordance with Sharia law-says Muttur Mosque Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Australia to attend Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Landslide warning issued affecting 4 districts extended by a further 24 hours Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Protest as well as prayer services observed on behalf of the late Rizana Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Protect the judiciary as well as Parliament; says opposition leader Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Court activities hampered for a 2nd day Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Impeachment report approved in parliament Hiru News en 2013-01-11 Mervyn Silva steps down as SLFP Kelaniya Organizer Hiru News en 2013-01-12 UN condemns Rizanas execution Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Mervyn Silva steps down as SLFP Kelaniya Organizer Hiru News en 2013-01-12 America expresses its concern Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Parliament decision handed over to the president last night Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Impeachment report approved in parliament with a majority of 106 votes - 155 votes for and 49 votes against the report Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Impermanent world has no permanent designations says Minister Maithreepala Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Decision in hands of President opines senior attorney Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Will not accept impeachment says UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Spell of black rain received in Ududdumbara; NASA scientist arrives to carryout investigations Hiru News en 2013-01-12 SL Consul ready to assist facilitation of returning Sri Lankans Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Chinas landslide death toll rises to 46 Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Calls to arrest Minister Mervyn Hiru News en 2013-01-12 No need to re-evaluate Law exam answer scripts; Law College Principal informs Exams commissioner Hiru News en 2013-01-12 UNP prepares for another disciplinary inquiry Hiru News en 2013-01-12 No other option than to remove the Chief Justice; says Presidents Spokesperson - Reconsider; Bar Association Hiru News en 2013-01-12 A decision will be taken regarding the impeachment according to the conscience; President Hiru News en 2013-01-12 A/L results out on the 30th Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Changes to Civil law and Penal code Hiru News en 2013-01-12 Polonnaruwa meteorite contained first compelling evidence that life exists outside earth Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Revolutionary change on Civil Judicial Code shortly Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Minister Wasu says that the Left has not split Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Explosives and pornographic material found from TNA MP Sridharans office Hiru News en 2013-01-13 First compelling evidence of life outside earth found from Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Nawala Urban Wetland Park opened Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Minister Yapa speaks of the sole option Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Report to be submitted on luxury buses Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Italian consul in Benghazi escapes shooting unhurt Hiru News en 2013-01-13 New York State declares influenza emergency Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Sri Lanka to field first Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Former Cricketer Guy De Alwis passes away Hiru News en 2013-01-13 JVP member killed in Padawiya assault Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Group of 45 House maids including Sri Lankans await imminent death sentence in Saudi Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Judges meet President; Meeting scheduled with Bar Association today Hiru News en 2013-01-13 President ratifies discharge papers of Chief Justice Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Talk about action against a new CJ Hiru News en 2013-01-13 313 Former LTTE combatants reintegrated in to society Hiru News en 2013-01-13 2nd ODI; Sri Lanka beat Australia by 8 wickets Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Russia urges Syria transition, Switzerland to petition ICC Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Spielbergs Lincoln eyes Golden Globes glory Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Gem and jewellery exports continue upward trend Hiru News en 2013-01-13 7 suspects placed under arrest in connection to murder of JVP activist Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Kelaniya requests for Basil Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Sacking of CJ against constitution-UNP issues release while government opposes the view Hiru News en 2013-01-13 Former CJs attorneys analyse her letter of discharge Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Bus unions get together for a bus fair amendment Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Aralaganwila stones are not meteors; says Peradeniya University. Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Parliamentary council meets today Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Speedy appointment of new Chief Justice. Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Pakistan provincial minister sacked over Quetta attacks. Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Presidents Thai Pongal message. Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Government replies to allegations raised concerning confirmation of graduates. Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Opposition leader arraigns charges against news papers. Hiru News en 2013-01-14 New CJ should be appointed based on seniority & tradition state legal luminaries. Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Name of Mohan Peiris submitted to parliamentary council Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Sri Lankan sentenced to death in Qatar. Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Norway condemns Rizanas execution. Hiru News en 2013-01-14 30 officers at Kahawaththa police receive transfers Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Do not make the judiciary an esplanade for tomfoolery says President; Bar Association meets President Hiru News en 2013-01-14 New Chief Justice would not be recognised says group of attorneys Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Appointment of new CJ to take place tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-01-14 People must get on to the streets; Ranil Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Samsung announces 100 million Galaxy S smartphone sales Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Zero Dark Thirty captures No. 1 at box office Hiru News en 2013-01-14 Syria conflict causing staggering humanitarian crisis Hiru News en 2013-01-15 57 countries demand UN Council order Syria war crimes case Hiru News en 2013-01-15 810 million paracitamol tablets used last year Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Registration of students to Law College postponed by another week Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Commonwealth Secretary General arrives in Sri Lanka in February Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Former Attorney General Mohan peiris says that he will be sworn in as the new Chief Justice today. Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Proteas wrap up 2-0 series win Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Italians to invest in tourism in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Divi Naguma awareness programme launched today. Hiru News en 2013-01-15 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-15 SL tea set for $ 2 bn turnover by 2015 Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Golden Globes: Ben Afflecks Argo scoops two awards Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Zero Dark Thirty hunts down $24.4M at box office Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Cycling: Lance Armstrong admits doping: US media Hiru News en 2013-01-15 France wants Africans to quickly takeover Mali battle Hiru News en 2013-01-15 33,500 army deserters discharged from service Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Security tightened around Supreme Court Premises Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Parliamentary Council approves Presidents decision Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Former AG Mohan Peiris to be sworn in as new Chief Justice Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Former AG Mohan Peiris sworn in as new Chief Justice Hiru News en 2013-01-15 New Chief Justice assumes duties Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Pakistan Supreme Court orders arrest of PM Raja Pervez Ashraf Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Inquiry regarding Sajith Premadasa Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Oil leaks again Hiru News en 2013-01-15 Former Chief Justice leaves the official residence Hiru News en 2013-01-15 New Chief Justice Mohan Peiris Assumes Duties Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Only mixed schools in the future. Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Dayata Kirula postponed. Hiru News en 2013-01-16 2nd phase of the university leadership training today. Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Divi naguma work begins. Hiru News en 2013-01-16 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-16 India thrash England by 127 runs Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Tension rises in Kashmir as Pakistan says soldier killed Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Wade clears the air with Healy Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Dan Brown to release new Robert Langdon book Inferno in May Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Protest observed in Kalawana against relocation of primary school Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Prevailing cold weather to persist Hiru News en 2013-01-16 JVP accused of maintaining double standards by UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Minister of External affairs to engage in tour of India next week Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Investigation commence into death of Weliweriya student Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Bandula reveals source of Z score issue Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Shocking secret behind Kaldemulla suspect who murdered wife & children revealed Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Sri Lanka requests of UN Security Council to not spare a second chance for LTTE Hiru News en 2013-01-16 50,000 dented salmon tins discovered at store in Peliyagoda Hiru News en 2013-01-16 Legal Luminaries express views on impeachment Hiru News en 2013-01-17 A humane face from KP to prabakarans sencholai. Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Foreign affairs Minister briefs the international community. Hiru News en 2013-01-17 India, Pakistan to de-escalate border tensions; army Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Mathews praises Sri Lankan rising star Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Kathryn Bigelow defends Zero Dark Thirty torture scenes Hiru News en 2013-01-17 A person kidnapped from Kahawaththa. Hiru News en 2013-01-17 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Health Ministry and police investigation about the death of the Waliweriya student after revelation by GOLD news. Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Debate regarding detention of suspects for 48 hours on Tuesday Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Clash at Moratuwa University -6 injured Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Restrictions for Illegally imported mobile phones Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Government turns attention towards constitutional amendment; Obey the existing constitution - says UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-17 France battles Mali Islamists as hostage crisis unfolds Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Sri Lanka Holds Rates to Slow Price Gains as Growth Sputters Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Sarwan recalled after 18-month absence Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Die Hard director John McTiernan heading to prison Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Investigation into the alleged death threats at J.C. Weliamuna Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Request to name Minister Mervyns Secretaries as chief suspects of murder trial Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Yet another proposal on behalf of Rizana Hiru News en 2013-01-17 High price of vegetables to last for at least 6 more weeks Hiru News en 2013-01-17 NGO fraud of 263 million busted; 14 suspects arrested Hiru News en 2013-01-17 Government of Sri Lanka responds to America regarding impeachment Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Cold weather to continue for several days; Nuwara-eliya temperature 4 Celsius. Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Admission of students to grade 1 begins today. Hiru News en 2013-01-18 7 transfers given to judges by former Chief Justice cancelled. Hiru News en 2013-01-18 No positions in sports to those connected to gambling. Hiru News en 2013-01-18 More than 100 killed in new Syria massacre; watchdog Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Ready for full-strength Australia - Jayawardene Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Last Stand star Schwarzenegger talks gun control Hiru News en 2013-01-18 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-18 President declares open the Dikkowita Fisheries Harbour Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Iran, IAEA agree on new nuclear talks but no deal Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Drug-taking bear star Ted to appear at Oscars Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Sri lanka bowls out Australia for just 74 runs in the 3rd ODI. Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Rupee appreciates further Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Energy certification Hiru News en 2013-01-18 1st year Admissions at Bingiriya School delayed Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Secretary of Defence files reply with American Embassy Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Detained Iranian ship deludes authorities Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Railways Professional Trade Union Alliance to engage in a strike Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Front-liners launched Moratuwa attack; Minister SB Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Rizanas mother says they will not accept any aid from Saudi Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Explanations called from Sama Samaja MP Padmasiri Hiru News en 2013-01-18 Corrupt individuals will be punished irrespective of their stature; President Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Water cut in many areas in Colombo. Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Problems are not ove; says JVP. Hiru News en 2013-01-19 e-commerce racket busted Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Why does Sri Lanka face challenges; Defence secretary clarifies. Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Detained Jaffna University students to be rehabilitated or freed. Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Pakistan Prime Minister corruption official found dead. Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Glen Campbell ads more dates to farewell tour. Hiru News en 2013-01-19 BCB denies PCB claims Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Pakistan Womens Cricket Team to tour Indian Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Remembrance ceremony at the Colorado Theatre Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Public investment increased by 80 billion rupees in 2012 Hiru News en 2013-01-19 US, China agree on North Korea sanctions deal Hiru News en 2013-01-19 FSP directs allegations at S.B. Hiru News en 2013-01-19 21 Sri Lankan fishermen nabbed by Indian authorities Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Sri Lankan moon stone of great archaeological significance to be auctioned in London Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Navanethem Pillay renews concerns regarding Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Kandy branch of NIBM opened Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Death toll rises to 15 in Indonesian floods Hiru News en 2013-01-19 India goes 2 - 1 up Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Local entrepreneur goes missing in Mahawa Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Chamal prospective premier says government minister Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Leader of the Opposition reveals details regarding fresh impeachment Hiru News en 2013-01-19 3 high profile US delegates due in island next week Hiru News en 2013-01-19 Escalation of vegetable prices transitory says Chairman of Economic Centres Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Officials get their facts wrong on hydro power Hiru News en 2013-01-20 16 UNP MPs who joined the government share same stance Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Cannot sit back and topple a government; Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Ascertain the motive of the US delegation; a request to the government Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Bodubalasena says some organizations trying to tarnish their image Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Syrian Foreign Minister Muallem calls for talks Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Bulgarian Turkish party leader steps down after attack Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Australia win the toss and bat Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Signs of infant care being ruled out from house maid duties in Middle East Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Chief Justice pays homage to the Temple of Tooth Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Risk of Influenza announced in Central province Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Railway strike called off Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Debate on detention period shortly Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Inauguration Day: Obama to be sworn in for second term Hiru News en 2013-01-20 4th ODI at Sydney abandoned because of wet outfield Hiru News en 2013-01-20 US Trade Mission to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Ang Lee mulls directing historical epic Cleopatra Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Dip in number of illegal migrants crossing over to Australia Hiru News en 2013-01-20 List of registered political parties to be announced on the 31st Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Government in stymie says leader of opposition Hiru News en 2013-01-20 KP appears in public during inauguration of Sencholai Childrens home Hiru News en 2013-01-20 New web site for PUC. Hiru News en 2013-01-20 Government played the most pivotal part in forwarding the nations health care system; President. Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Karunanidhi writes again to the Indian government about Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-01-21 An assurance from Minister Mervyn of not leaving Kalaniya. Hiru News en 2013-01-21 The UNP decision about those who opposed the impeachment and new posts today. Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Government says that the US is adopting a double standard policy. Hiru News en 2013-01-21 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Sri Lanka to query abandonment with ICC Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Leonardo DiCaprio to take long break from acting Hiru News en 2013-01-21 CEB & CPC burden on countrys economy Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Stringent laws implemented with regard to bicycle riders Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Law students march to Supreme Court while Teacher Trade Unions trudge Human Rights Commission Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Indo-Sri Lanka Foreign Ministers to meet on Wednesday Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Delhi gang rape case to begin in fast-track court today. Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Shaun Marsh recalled to the Australian T20 team Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Holy windfall, Batman! The Batmobile just sold Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Civil force protection requested to ward off wild elephants Hiru News en 2013-01-21 Two Ministers collide on fuel & electricity losses Hiru News en 2013-01-21 UNP MPs who voted in favour of impeachment motion to seeks court assistance Hiru News en 2013-01-21 4 petitions filed against impeachment referred to Chief Justice Mohan Peiris Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Registration of a political party abolished. Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Appointing of UNP Deputy Leader postponed. Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Official function for welcoming the new chief justice tomorrow; no participation by BASL Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Debate in Parliament on detaining a suspect for 48 hours today. Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Syria car bomb kills 30, separate blast rocks capital Hiru News en 2013-01-22 2 letters signed by the Kelaniya Divisional Councillors and Buddhist Monks to President. Hiru News en 2013-01-22 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Original Batmobile sold for $4.2m at US auction Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Clarke sprains ankle at training Hiru News en 2013-01-22 A teachers association coins new name for Minister of Education Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Indigenous community requests marriage fee concession Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Recalled Saudi Ambassador yet to arrive on the Island Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Act with transparency - external affairs ministry writes to Navi Pillay Hiru News en 2013-01-22 MV Sun Sea passenger loses refugee status Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Algeria says 37 foreigners killed in gas plant siege Hiru News en 2013-01-22 How the US shapes the militarys big screen image Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Im the legend now - Samuels Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Lanka exports to Brazil grow by 37% Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Additional responsibility to Pradeshiya Sabha Chairmen Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Bodhubala Sena requests 5 marriages for Buddhists Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Minister S. B. Dissanayaka sets and example to Minister Bandula Gunawardena Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Act to detain suspects for 48 hours passed in Parliament Hiru News en 2013-01-22 Many lawyers to take part in the ceremony to welcome the new Chief Justice. Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Minister Champika explains the situation of CEB. Hiru News en 2013-01-23 A lawyer for each police station Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Minister G L meets the Indian Prime Minister. Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Governments attention on a new procedure with regard to judges disciplinary action. Hiru News en 2013-01-23 SL vs Australia 5th ODI today. Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Government acts with continuous dedication for the wellbeing of fisher community; President. Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Welcome ceremony of new Chief Justice at 10 a.m. today. Hiru News en 2013-01-23 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Israel election;Netanyahu setback as Lapid surges. Hiru News en 2013-01-23 The Rolling Stones nominated for 4 NME music awards Hiru News en 2013-01-23 New UN sanctions spark North Korea fury Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Lankan exports to India up by 12 % Hiru News en 2013-01-23 NZ beats South Africa by 27 runs, clinch series 2-0 Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Australia 247 runs for 5 wickets in the 5th ODI. Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Assaulted dancer admitted to hospital; Arab national disappears Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Parliament sworn in subsequent to war has failed in providing solutions for countries issues; Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Aid in efforts to uphold law Chief justice requests Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Committed towards 13th - G.L. assures India Hiru News en 2013-01-23 CEB would not be privatised; Minister Patali Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Methsiri Silva stripped from post of Galle Mayor & membership of Municipal Council Hiru News en 2013-01-23 4 opinions formed in Parliament regarding impeachment Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Sri Lanka prepared to file reply during Geneva Summit Hiru News en 2013-01-23 Assistance of foreign specialists to be sought concerning Mathale mass graves Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Blue rain in Vavuniya; several sluice gates in reservoirs of Polonnaruwa still open. Hiru News en 2013-01-24 2 Police officers abducted by wild life staff rescued. Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Several Deputy Leaders for UNP. Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Tamil Nadu removed from Training for Sri lanka army in India. Hiru News en 2013-01-24 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-24 India v England: Suresh Raina leads hosts to series win Hiru News en 2013-01-24 EU leaders warn British Prime Minister over referendum pledge Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Police and Department of Wildlife launch investigations into the Udawalawa incident Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Allegations by the JHU regarding an essay competition Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Shard of glass found in vaccine vial in Marawila Hospital Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Continuous Indian support to Sri Lanka - Indian premier assures Professor G. L. Peiris Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Li Na beats Maria Sharapova to reach Australian Open final Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Guns N Roses 3D concert film announced Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Army camps in North & East to remain further: Secretary of Defence submitted report Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Use of Meropenem 500mm ampoule suspended Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Wasudewa requests for bi-lingual national anthem; JHU says politicians should keep off the turf Hiru News en 2013-01-24 Select committee to be appointed to investigate extremist groups Hiru News en 2013-01-25 A marriage relief for the indigenous people. Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Ranil - Sajith pow wow; Sajith agrees to work according to party agenda. Hiru News en 2013-01-25 A stock of Presidential election polling cards recovered in Kala - gedi-hena. Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Sanath to head Selection Committee Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Presidents Milad-Un-Nabi message Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Ensure security of the Moratuwa University Engineering students Hiru News en 2013-01-25 A no confidence against Minister Dilan Perera from the UNP. Hiru News en 2013-01-25 US denounces N. Korea in early row for Obama team Hiru News en 2013-01-25 JJ Abrams to direct next Star Wars Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Kirsten unsure on de Villiers future Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Psychiatric treatment for the Snake dancer Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Rajiv Wijesinghe says he will not go to Geneva Hiru News en 2013-01-25 3 Police OICs in Wayamba interdicted Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Ampara shakes again Hiru News en 2013-01-25 15,000 crocs escape from South African farm Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Japan envoy meets Chinese leader amid islands dispute Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Showers to recede Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Minor earth tremors experienced in Ampara this afternoon; investigations recommence Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Sluice gates of several reservoirs within 4 districts released; More showers expected Hiru News en 2013-01-25 72,000 warrants actuated within 4 months Hiru News en 2013-01-25 President pledges to iron out injustice done to rural education Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Things cannot be changed overnight says Sanath Jayasooriya Hiru News en 2013-01-25 UNHRC to adopt UPR on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-01-25 PUC studying expenditure of CEB Hiru News en 2013-01-25 Lot to learn from Sri Lanka; Turkish Ambassador Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Another oil leak Hiru News en 2013-01-26 JHU protests against Minister Wasudewa Nanayakkara Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Another restriction on UNP members and organizers Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Do not create selfish children - president requests from parents Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Former Mayor of Galle denies receiving any correspondence regarding removal Hiru News en 2013-01-26 University entrance does not concern Teacher Service Unions states vice chancellor Hiru News en 2013-01-26 More than 286,000 facing duress due to incessant showers Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Karunanidhi threatens Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-01-26 3 US Assistant Secretaries of State arrive in the island Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Second year student of Jaffna university attempts suicide Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Sri Lanka beat Australia by 5 wickets Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Water levels of reservoirs decrease; 350,000 continue to be affected Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Tissa speaks of the only political option available for Sajith Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Cannot impose restrictions on US officials; Foreign Ministry Hiru News en 2013-01-26 I was removed unlawfully; Methsiri De Silva Hiru News en 2013-01-26 Australian Open: Victoria Azarenka beats Li Na to defend title Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Heavy rains and disaster condition subsides Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Shared interests and shared heritage with Sri lanka; India Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Ready for the challenge; UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-27 An all party decision to safeguard National harmony Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Government has not provided relief to affected farmers; UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-27 No information on the missing individual in Payagala Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Australian delegation due in the island Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Temple will safeguard the country; Minister Keheliya Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Afghanistan Suicide attack strikes market Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Iraqi Sunni Fallujah funerals draw thousands Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Actor and Make up artist Ebert Wijesinghe passes away Hiru News en 2013-01-27 2 more arrested over Wijerama rape incident Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Forest officers to boycott duties commencing tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Iranian flagged ship which fled Sri Lanka berthed at Iranian port Hiru News en 2013-01-27 President to visit Bodhgaya Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Cabinet reshuffle most likely to take place tomorrow; MP Padmasiri files response with party Hiru News en 2013-01-27 More talk about combating racism Hiru News en 2013-01-27 TESO to meet Indian External Affairs Minister Hiru News en 2013-01-27 180 killed in nightclub fire in Santa Maria, Brazil Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Solutions delayed-TNA tells visiting delegation Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Ranil places trust in voice of party members; Range Bandara offers alternative Hiru News en 2013-01-27 President states that he will not let religious harmony & cooperation degrade Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Cabinet reshuffle scheduled for tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-01-27 LPBO requests for a diesel subsidy. Hiru News en 2013-01-27 French and Malian troops move on Timbuktu Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Quentin Tarantino to receive American Riviera award Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Ian Bell hundred seals closing win Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Andy Murray loses to Novak Djokovic in Australian Open final Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Unscrupulous individuals shedding crocodile tears for Rizana; Min Dilan Hiru News en 2013-01-27 Tea Board targets $2.1 billion export revenue Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Wild life parks subjected to police inspection every 6 months. Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Racism cannot be permitted; says President. Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Sri Lanka aims for a white wash. Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Egypt unrest; Morsi declares emergency in three cities. Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Fatal accident at Ranavaranaava Hiru News en 2013-01-28 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Skyfall and Game of Thrones shine at Screen Actors Guild. Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Economies of the South Asian region to pick up in 2013. Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Sri Lankan maid commits suicide in Dubai. Hiru News en 2013-01-28 New cabinet ministers sworn in before President. Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Snake, pythons & monkeys on board a SLTB bus Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Indo-Ceylon maritime borders redefined Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Cabinet shuffle does not address grievances of public Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Syria pledges to end opposition prosecutions Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Argo wins top SAG award in latest pre-Oscar boost Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Tea exports to reach 380 billon rupee mark in 2013 Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Battle lost in batting, bowling and fielding, but the war is still on Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Sri Lanka cling on for last-ball win Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Court orders investigations on Kalagedihena ballot paper incident Hiru News en 2013-01-28 American delegation meets with Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Jumbo cabinet has elasticated chargers JVP Hiru News en 2013-01-28 Number of cabinet ministers increased to 65 following todays cabinet reshuffle Hiru News en 2013-01-28 America develops vaccine for dengue Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Sarath Foneseka meets the election commissioner today. Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Sajith agrees to work towards the promotion of party leadership. Hiru News en 2013-01-29 A new resolution from the US to the UNHRC against Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-01-29 A committee for the amendment of the constitution Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Ugly finish just heat of the moment Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Jayasuriya heads five-member SLC selection committee Hiru News en 2013-01-29 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Argo wins top Screen Actors Guild award Hiru News en 2013-01-29 North Korea playing dangerous game of risk Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Indigenous community pleased regarding marriage fee concession Hiru News en 2013-01-29 India behind Minister Champika losing Power and Energy Portfolio - Alleges UNP Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Practical plans to face the human rights challenge Hiru News en 2013-01-29 It is not a proposal against Sri Lanka - Says US Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Deadly clashes in Egypt, opposition snub Morsi invite Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Liam Neeson arrives in Ballymena to receive award Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Lanka to pass US$ 4,000 per capita mark in two years Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Two hour confession from Kangatta Hiru News en 2013-01-29 JVP pledges support to bi lingual National Anthem Hiru News en 2013-01-29 See the change from unbiased eyes - says President Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Elections Commissioner apologizes to the public Hiru News en 2013-01-29 Ministers for various commodities in future; says Thissa Hiru News en 2013-01-30 No law for medical negligence; allegations from medical faculty Hiru News en 2013-01-30 A letter from Muthuhetigama to President. Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Privilege to become a graduate at a younger age. Hiru News en 2013-01-30 G C E Advance level results released today Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Sri Lanka line up Vaas and Murali Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Syria crisis: Bodies of executed men found in Aleppo Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Spielberg clear favourite to win the Best Director award. Hiru News en 2013-01-30 US Senate confirms Kerry as next secretary of state Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Amla goes cold on vice-captaincy Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Cairn Lanka sets Feb 01 for spudding fourth exploratory well Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Protest in Balapitiya demanding level crossing; Matara train delayed by 20 minutes Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Oil discovered in a tube well in Polonnaruwa Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Individual dies following police shooting Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Two US senators requests for an International investigation on Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Government Veterinary Surgeons Association engaged in a protest Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Bodhu Bala Sena Organization is a retreating force; Dr. Wickramabahu challenges for a debate Hiru News en 2013-01-30 New environmental minister speaks about a garbage tax Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Investigations conclude in the Matara Hospital regarding amputation of law students left arm Hiru News en 2013-01-30 Dolphin Massacre in the Kalpitiya Sea Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Begging in private buses banned from tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-01-31 1st place in Advance level Biology and mathematics to Hambanthota Weerakatiya Rajapakse Central College. Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to the Island. Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Syria accuses Israel of striking research centre Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Last Stand bombs in UK Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Clarke, Ponting get maximum reserve price Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Shane Warne presents alternate reality Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Sri Lankas Treasuries yields drop at auction Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Lanka posts Rs 46,653 mn income from coconut exports Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Last Andrews sister, Patty, dies in LA aged 94 Hiru News en 2013-01-31 South Korea warns North against nuclear test Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Student dies while taking part in a Marathon Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Reduction of the number of employees and changes in designations in the Colombo Municipal Council Hiru News en 2013-01-31 America believes, India will vote against Sri Lanka again Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Devi Balika Vidyalaya gains top honours for the Arts, Commerce and IT streams at G C E, A levels Hiru News en 2013-01-31 2 suspects in the murder of Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha member make special statements Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Sakvithi who is charged with 2,014 cases sentenced to 2 years rigorous imprisonment Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Student who failed A/Ls commits suicide Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Reason for the death of student during marathon revealed Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Group headed by Minister Samarasinghe to face Geneva challenge Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Britain undecided on Commonwealth Hiru News en 2013-01-31 Bangladesh strike over war crimes trials,sparks clashes. Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Vish-waroopam still banned in Sri lanka and Tamil Nadu. Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Teacher unions request an independent investigation into the death of Chilaw student. Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Praise from UK about reconstruction in the North. Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Hiru grabs top awards during Sandeshaya Media Awards; Award categories include Best TV. Radio & News channel. Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Sugar industry Development Minister explains the importance of the Industry. Hiru News en 2013-02-01 White House warns Syria over weapons to Hezbollah Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Barbra Streisand to sing at Oscars Hiru News en 2013-02-01 India threaten pull-out over DRS Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Syria threatens retaliation over Israel strike Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Taylor recalled to New Zealand squad Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Michelle Yeoh to return in Crouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon sequel Hiru News en 2013-02-01 BOI inked US$ 3. 4 bn deals in 12 Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Construction of Seegiriya based on star charts Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Interim injunction order issued against appointment of new Galle Mayor Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Law entrance subject curriculum revised Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Australian government denies involvement of SL official in people smuggling Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Defending champions England suffer shock defeat against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Fundamental Rights Petition filed against former Attorney General annulled Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Muslim Organisations meet with Opposition Leader; UNP to issue special statement to parliament Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Issues experienced in New Local Government Amendment bill; Elections Commissioner seeks AGs assistance Hiru News en 2013-02-01 Frances Francois Hollande to visit Mali Hiru News en 2013-02-01 3 Police officers assaulted in Kosgama Hiru News en 2013-02-01 National Intellectual Council against multilingual law question papers Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Police protection provided to Kalpitiya hospital removed Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Law Entrance Examination to be compiled in all 3 migh pave way to conflicting issues Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Sarath Fonseka hints about a Diabetes minister Hiru News en 2013-02-02 LLRC report presented to British Foreign Secretary Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Stay vigilant about children - says President Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Residents of Madampe engage in highway revolt Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Permit UN observers; UK requests of Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Ranil challenges government to go in for referendum Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Former Indian CJ quits Sri Lankan visit Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Tamil Nadu demands sanctions over Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Nasa scientist handover final report Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Minister of transport in search of deadly reptile Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Lets be expedient; Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Appointments of Judicial Services Commission well within constitution; Minister Hakeem Hiru News en 2013-02-02 UPFA member of Seethawaka Gayan Duminda says his life is in danger Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Army saves Rs. 1.5 Billion for the government Hiru News en 2013-02-02 LPBOA wants fuel subsidy in place of bus fare revision Hiru News en 2013-02-03 2 drown in Maskeliya Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Steyn demolishes Pakistan for their lowest Test score of 49 Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Mali hails French President Hollande Hiru News en 2013-02-02 Northwest Pakistan Taliban attack kills 23 Hiru News en 2013-02-03 138 migrants adrift off Akkaraipaththu rescued; 1 found dead Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Politics not suitable for Buddhist monks; Asgiri Maha Nayaka Thera Hiru News en 2013-02-03 All set for the 65th independence day celebrations Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Foreign Minister says proposals against Sri Lanka will not help the country move forward Hiru News en 2013-02-03 UNP sets new guidelines to strengthen ground level Hiru News en 2013-02-03 IUSF raises concerns about A/L results Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Spain PM denies false slush fund claim Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Syria opposition chief invited to Moscow Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Mali knock out hosts South Africa in penalty shoot-out in Africa Cup of Nations Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Douglas Dewananda draws plans for ocean protest Hiru News en 2013-02-03 1100 prison detainees released in lieu of independence Hiru News en 2013-02-03 New laws imposed governing use of pesticides Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Representatives of IJA were not granted visas bearing in mind countrys well being; Immigration & Emmigration Controller Hiru News en 2013-02-03 30 injured in Kotmale bus accident Hiru News en 2013-02-03 11 out of the rescued immigrants hospitalized Hiru News en 2013-02-03 UNP MP Ranjith Madduma Bandara admitted to hospital Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Oil prices rise Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Ajantha Mendis sold for 725,000 dollars at IPL Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Teenager dead following train collision Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Bodhu Bala Sena accused of inciting racism Hiru News en 2013-02-03 UNP says that member promotion enrolment programme was a success Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Members of International Bar Association hopeful in returning to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Peres tasks Netanyahu with forming new Israeli government Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Afflecks Argo wins Directors Guild top honor Hiru News en 2013-02-03 Sweeter grapes in Jaffna Hiru News en 2013-02-04 137 foreigners rescued in the Eastern sea imprisoned. Hiru News en 2013-02-04 TNA to lodge a complaint to the UNHRC against the government. Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Sri Lanka hopes for better ties under new US Secretary of State Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Sri Lanka marks 65th Independence Day today Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Iran announces nuclear talks, open to authentic US meet Hiru News en 2013-02-04 All communities must rise in unity says President Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Independence day segment. Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Watson to make ODI return Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Assad lashes out as Israel admits Syria raid Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Johnny Depp to star as gangster in Black Mass Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Industrial and tourism zones coming in North Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Catalogue to be created on Colombo road titles Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Body of suspects instrumental in Moratuwa Priests murder discovered from Bandaragama Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Delays to persist in appointment of UNP Deputy Leader Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Come see President invites international community Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Achala receives 239,000 from prison Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Opposition leader urges government to fulfil pledges issued to UN Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Tamilnadu Hindu politician assists Presidents Indian Pilgrimage Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Purchasing of paddy at new certified prices to commence tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Warm Bodies heats up box office with $20 million Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Afghan and Pakistani presidents in Britain for talks Hiru News en 2013-02-04 James Harris added to Twenty20 squad Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Turkish Airlines begins serving Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Asian workers die in UAE accident Hiru News en 2013-02-04 Minister S.B. Dissanayeke refutes claims against Muslim population Hiru News en 2013-02-04 2008 to 2018 will be an extraordinary era; President Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Afghan, Pakistani leaders eye peace deal in six months Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Czech Republic offers its full cooperation to promote tourism Hiru News en 2013-02-05 11-wicket Dale Steyn sends Proteas 1-0 up Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Skyfall named film of the year at the London Evening Standard awards. Hiru News en 2013-02-05 MP Silverstri Alantine admitted to hospital. Hiru News en 2013-02-05 A second leadership board in place of deputy leader post of UNP. Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Karuna-nidhi opposes Sri lanka again; Reply from Sonia Ghandi. Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Moratuwa deputy Mayor arrested over the killing of the Monk. Hiru News en 2013-02-05 2 sluice gates of Kanthale tank opened. Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Foreign Currency racket revealed through airplane Hiru News en 2013-02-05 UN High Commission for Refugees accuses Australia for turning back Sri Lankans Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Abolish the 18th amendment for the sake of independence - requests the UNP Hiru News en 2013-02-05 US Secretaries of state travel to India Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Watsons Test recall not guaranteed Hiru News en 2013-02-05 UN Council vows strong action on North Korea nuclear test Hiru News en 2013-02-05 SL targets US$ 2 b investment this year Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Reg Presley of the Troggs dies aged 71 Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Chief suspect of the murder of monk remanded; Police searching for 3 more individuals Hiru News en 2013-02-05 No need for division of race, caste, religion or provinces - says President in the East Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Either execute or set free; Protest in Bogambara concluded Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Bones found in the mass grave in Matale sent to America Hiru News en 2013-02-05 Sri lanka post a mammoth 282 for 5 vs India Hiru News en 2013-02-05 JSC Secretary assumes office Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Sri lankas women crickets enter super six - Plaudits from President. Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Another attack on the Bodu Bala sena Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Reveal details about the Foreign affairs Ministers Indian Tour - UNP requests. Hiru News en 2013-02-06 UK also decided to oppose Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Another 7 suspects in the Moratuwa prelates killing arrested. Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Hundreds of rebels killed, France to leave Mali from March Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Lance Armstrong set to avoid charges after confession Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Robert De Niro cemented in Hollywood Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Rs 90 bn boost for sugar industry Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Body of youth discovered floating in Bolgoda Lake; University ID in possession of victim. Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Met. Department forecasts dark skies coupled with torrid weather Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Death sentence commuted for possession of 3 grammes of narcotics Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Bus strike to commence from the 15th of February onwards in the event of solutions being delayed Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Terrorist fund cutter to be introduced in Parliament. Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Abuse cases in Nauru & Manas island detention centres Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Petition against CJ referred to a full judge panel Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Attempt of Captain to rob bank disguised as Muslim woman botched Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Motion ruling enrolment of 5, 069 University students to be called up tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Amendment bill proscribing transfer of funds to terrorist organizations postponed Hiru News en 2013-02-06 TNA urges international inquiry, are the recommendations of the LLRC accepted, queries Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Polls should inspire confidence in public says UNP Hiru News en 2013-02-06 CIA involved in secretive Saudi drone operations Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Madonna ‘garage sale’ Hiru News en 2013-02-06 Hadlee questions Ross Taylor Hiru News en 2013-02-07 A 50 thousand rupee personal bail for a school girl who stole eight coconuts for painting the school. Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Birth control is the only way for reducing the cabinet; a suggestion from the JVP Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Polling cards marked for the swan are with me as well . says Karu Hiru News en 2013-02-07 President meets the Mahaa Sangha on behalf of national and religious unity. Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Syria capital Damascus sees heavy Jobar fighting Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Elton John to join Grammys tribute to Band singer Hiru News en 2013-02-07 England secured their first win over Brazil for 23 years Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Long term investigation regarding tremors in Sri Lanka initiated Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Special program from the Ministry of health to combat Japanese Encephalitis in Ratnapura Hiru News en 2013-02-07 A request to hold CHOGM in another country Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Let the government pay the Golden Key funds - requests UNP Hiru News en 2013-02-07 N Korea threatens to scrap joint industrial zone Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Bruce Willis: Dont infringe on Second Amendment Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Real Time Snicko could give DRS the edge Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Sri Lanka three, six month Treasuries yields drop Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Debate regarding the final monarch of Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2013-02-07 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-02-07 22 individuals who protested against Presidents tour of India arrested Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Jamiyyathul ulama comments on HALAL; Government says Jamiyyathul Ulama a non recognized institution. Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Somawansa steps up onto witness cage; Weerawansa summoned to court Hiru News en 2013-02-07 University entrance issue solved; further 5609 gain university entrance Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Cabinet inquiry on school girls prosecution; Attorneys plan on writing to AG Hiru News en 2013-02-07 Compensate Golden Key depositors; UNP Hiru News en 2013-02-07 BOC office in Chennai attacked Hiru News en 2013-02-08 We condemn the statement of the leader of the house; a statement from Bodu Bala sena. Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Ready to inquire about minister Wimal’s statement; says Minister Keheliya. Hiru News en 2013-02-08 An attack on Chennai Bank of Ceylon branch. Hiru News en 2013-02-08 President to India today. Hiru News en 2013-02-08 SLTB running at a loss due to its employees irregularities; Minister Welgama Hiru News en 2013-02-08 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Kerry warns against North Korea nuclear test Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Actor Steven Seagal to lead Arizona school arms-training event Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Shakib could miss Sri Lanka Tests Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Various views emerge concerning fees levied from students Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Youth assaulted by Chairman of Karuwalagaswewa Pradeshiya sabha admitted to hospital Hiru News en 2013-02-08 2500 Indian trawlers in Sri Lankan waters Hiru News en 2013-02-08 President arrives in India - 80 protesters placed under arrest Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Sri lankans bowled out for 103 runs by the Kiwis Hiru News en 2013-02-08 MDMK chief Vaiko was arrested Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Smokey Robinson Studying Spanish For New Record Hiru News en 2013-02-08 North Korea nuclear test could tie hands of South says Ban Ki-moon Hiru News en 2013-02-08 SL - China Trade Development Forum from March 28 Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Sri Lankan bond issues to be given expected rating first: Fitch Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Bodhu Bala Sena files litigation against All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Investigations commence to ascertain nature of fragments which landed in Baththaramulla Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Inappropriate collection of funds in schools banned; circular to be issued in 2 weeks Hiru News en 2013-02-08 President pays homage to Bodhgaya Hiru News en 2013-02-08 800 who protested against President Rajapaksa in India arrested Hiru News en 2013-02-08 Bill proscribing funds provided to terrorist passed Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Police search Palith Range Bandaras residence thrice in search of young woman Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Special O - Level exams begin today Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Do not get excited - says minister of private transportation services Hiru News en 2013-02-09 President pays homage to Tirupathi Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Suicide of father & sons in Kandy due to severe monitory debt Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Minister of Wildlife betwixt humans & elephants Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Imported stock of I.O.C diesel consignment investigated Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Vacancies of local government members to be filled-in using traditional method Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Certain parties spreading unfounded rumors - says Dr. Wasantha Bandara Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Millions prepare to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Belgium plane crash closes Charleroi airport Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Specialist panel appointed on behalf of B.T.I Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Police initiates yet another special operations centre Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Opposition leader submits proposal to government Hiru News en 2013-02-09 President arrives in the island concluding tour of India Hiru News en 2013-02-09 Principal & teacher of coconut incident acquitted Hiru News en 2013-02-09 A/L Cut off marks released Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Jayalalitha requests for another resolution on Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Ordinance on Private Medical Institutes to be amended Hiru News en 2013-02-10 3 killed in Bibila road accident Hiru News en 2013-02-10 No price control; UNP Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Laws to stop foreigners from purchasing lands in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Blizzard paralyses north-east US and Atlantic Canada Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Curiosity Mars rover takes historic drill sample Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Chris Browns Porsche meets with an accident Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Boeing 787 on 2 hour test flight Hiru News en 2013-02-10 England beat New Zealand by 40 runs Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Officials to visit villages affected by wild elephants Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Screening of Vishwaroopam given green light in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Substandard stock of L.I.O.C. fuel declined Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Head of RAW meets President Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Attempt to sell infant for 200 thousand rupees foiled; suspects in police custody Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Substandard Diesel stocks decided to be re-shipped Hiru News en 2013-02-10 S.B. bellows chargers on former CJ Hiru News en 2013-02-10 No successor - the throne is the deal says Ranil Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Secretary General of the Commonwealth due to arrive in the island. Hiru News en 2013-02-10 4 police officers attached to the Moratuwa Police transferred Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Hathaway eyes more musicals after Les Miserables Hiru News en 2013-02-10 Australia Crush Sri Lanka To Reach World Cup Final Hiru News en 2013-02-10 US northeast digs out from deadly blizzard Hiru News en 2013-02-10 China Passes U.S. to Become Worlds Biggest Trading Nation Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Support of Brazil also to Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2013-02-11 An alternative against Ranil. Hiru News en 2013-02-11 President for Jaffna for 2 days. Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Commonwealth secretary General to the Island. Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Indias Kumbh Mela festival holds most auspicious day. Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Halaal is only a commercial matter; JVP Hiru News en 2013-02-11 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Ben Afflecks Argo crowned best film at the BAFTAs Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Charith Senanayake sacked Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Republican vows to block US defence, CIA picks Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Central Bank issues money broking regulations Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Priest at Maharagama temple assaulted Hiru News en 2013-02-11 If LLRC recommendations are not enacted India will confront Sri Lanka says Indian Minister of Congress Hiru News en 2013-02-11 No space for alternate fronts Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Court case pertaining to 8 coconuts withdrawn; Court reprimands media Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Commonwealth Secretary-General begins his three day visit Hiru News en 2013-02-11 The Pope is to resign at the end of this month in an entirely unexpected development. Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Identity Thief swipes No. 1 spot with $36.6M Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Jurgensen sets sights on Sri Lanka success Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Syria opposition chief laments Damascus refusal to talk Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Collection of funds well known secret among Horana schools says Vidura Wickramanayeke Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Defence Secretary makes revelations regarding Champions of Human Rights Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Fight together & campaign apart says Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Organising of Colombo CHOGAM Summit gets underway Hiru News en 2013-02-11 Dr. Dayan Jayathilaka in an exclusive interview with GOLD Hiru News en 2013-02-12 What was found at Arala-ganwila was not a meteorite; Peradeniya University asserts again. Hiru News en 2013-02-12 4 personnel including OIC of Moratuwa police suspended from service over negligence of duty. Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Opposition leader supports for the conference. Hiru News en 2013-02-12 A statement on commonwealth conference from commonwealth secretariat tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Doctors in Kurunagala Teaching hospital and Chilaw base hospital on strike Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Preserving peace won is as important as winning the war; Dr Dayan Hiru News en 2013-02-12 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-02-12 N. Korea signals high-intensity action Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Beverley Knight brings Beatles re-recording to a close Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Roger Federer wants more drug testing in tennis Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Unidentified rocks in Dambulla and Kandy Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Commonwealth Secretary General meets the Speaker Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Safeguard state banks - requests Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2013-02-12 No more IMF loans - Says Central Bank Hiru News en 2013-02-12 President declares open the Chunnakam Thermal Power Plant Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Bruce Willis gets French honor, opposes 75% tax Hiru News en 2013-02-12 North Korea earthquake amid nuclear test fears Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Expenditure on food imports down Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Queen Elizabeth II to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Excavation of the Matale mass grave concluded; UNP accuses JVP Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Gale winds in 6 districts. 97 houses damaged Hiru News en 2013-02-12 A law unknown by police;The method the student was taken to courts, revealed. Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Marvan appointed as assistant coach Chaminda appointed fast bowling coach for home series against Bangladesh. Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Opposition leader requests for power Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Do to not let terrorism raise its head again, says President Hiru News en 2013-02-12 North Korea confirms third nuclear test. Hiru News en 2013-02-12 Huge ABBA museum to open on 17th May in Stockholm. Hiru News en 2013-02-13 No bus fare revision tomorrow; Gamunu prepares for a strike. Hiru News en 2013-02-13 His eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith among candidates for the position of Pope; says Forbes magazine. Hiru News en 2013-02-13 A special discussion regarding selecting a UNP Deputy leader today. Hiru News en 2013-02-13 National security is more important than everything else; says Defence secretary. Hiru News en 2013-02-13 UPFA ready for an election anytime; Minister Susil Hiru News en 2013-02-13 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2013-02-13 President to open tallest building in Jaffna Hiru News en 2013-02-13 New variety of jack named in honour of Rizana Hiru News en 2013-02-13 Body of police officer who pursued suspect found in a deserted well; suspect missing Hiru News en 2013-02-13 4 Jaffana University students released on Presidents orders handed over to custody of parents Hiru News en 2013-02-13 UNHRC issues 18 page HR report on Sri Lanka; technical advice on reconciliation & accountability provided Hiru News en 2013-02-13 The case filed against Minister Rishad Bathiyutheen postponed. Hiru News en 2013-02-13 South Korea to step up missile defence after North test Hiru News en 2013-02-13 Credit ceiling to support economic march in 2013 Hiru News en 2013-02-13 Gamunu Wijerathna supplies JVP with information Hiru News en 2013-02-13 Sri Lanka achieves progress on several economic spheres; prepared to grant further assistance says IMF Hiru News en 2013-02-13 Commonwealth recommends proposal to devolve power Hiru News en 2013-02-13 Freedom, the most befitting gift says President Hiru News en 2013-02-13 Maldives ex-president flees to Indian embassy to avoid arrest